Air Mec John A Pattenden
Royal Flying Corps

Town Memorial P10.R4.C3

Air Mec.
John A Pattenden
Royal Flying Corps

Aug 15 1922

Burial/memorial: not on CWGC database as 1922 is not in the period they cover for WWI.

Taken Not Given, Liam Sumption, L&DLHS
Service: No mention of military service on Death Certificate
Death certificate: Died at Albany Park Cottages, Leatherhead, aged 31 on 15 August 1922, of tuberculosis.
Occupation: chauffeur
His sister (surname Baker) was present when he died.

John Archibald Pattenden is buried in LEATHERHEAD (SS. MARY AND NICHOLAS) CHURCHYARD. He was born in 1891.

Note: In the May 1915 Parish Magazine, another Pattenden, P. H. Pattenden, is listed as serving in the 5th East Surrey (Territorials).

Ian Whitlock has found that John Pattenden was a motor driver who joined up in Jan 1916.

He was awarded a Silver War Badge badge (shown above on account of his illness on his discharge in the first week of April 1918. The badge was issued to service personnel who had been honourably discharged as a result of wounds, illness or old age between 4 August 1914 and 31 December 1919. It was to be worn on the right lapel.  It is worded   FOR KING AND EMPIRE    SERVICES RENDERED.

The RFC stated that his illness was not war related.

This raises two questions:

1. Should he have been on the Leatherhead War Memorial? Who was included was a local decision.

More intriguingly the Memorial was dedicated on Sunday 3rd April 1921- before he died on 15 August 1922, so it would appear that at least his name was a late addition. If so, there is therefore a very old precedent for further names to be added.

2. He was discharged in first week of April 1918.  His RFC number was 17817. The RAF came into being on 1 April 1918.

The Pattenden family grave: John (b1891); George (d1950); Albert (b1893); Sarah (b1895)

Grave 1944 Section G: The barely legible inscription reads:

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