Leatherhead Parish Magazine May 1915


The following is a list, so far as the Vicar has had means of compiling one,
of Letherhead men serving at the present time in H.M. Forces:


Abell, J., Surrey Yeomanry
Adams, E. A., A.S.C.
Aldridge, H., lst Royal Dragoon Guards
Armstrong, A. E., R.A.M.C.
Baker, J., R.E.
Bishop, A., 3rd East Surrey
Blackman, J. C., 5th Army Corps Hdqrs
Boler, G. F. G., R.G.A.
Brown, G. H., A.S.C.
Brown, W., Queen's W. Surrey
Carter, A. W., Queen's W. Surrey (T)
*Chapman, Lieut. H. E., R.F.A.
Chapman, Lt. W. G., 2nd Gloucestersh.
Chance, G., A.S.C.
Clapshew, G., City of London (T)
Clemetson, F. C., 4th Royal Berks
Clutterbuck, C., 1st Grenadier Guards
Cobbold, F., 3rd East Surrey
Collins, E., Highland Light Infantry
Collins, R., Highland Light Infantry
Collins, S., Highland Light Infantry
Collins, T. J., H.M.S. Queen Elizabeth
Couzens, G., R.F.A.
Crayden, H.,
Davis, A., 3rd Hussars
Dearling, J., H.M.S. Lefroy
Dodd, W., H.M.S. Leviathan
Edser, D., H.M.S. Queen Mary
Eldridge, G. W., 3rd Queen's W. Surrey
Farmer, A., H.M.S. Monarch
Fillery, A. A , H.M.S. Blenheim
Finke, Capt. R. F., 2nd Royal Sussex
Gadd, J. W., R.M.L.I.
Gardiner, F. J., H.M.S. ......
Gardiner, P. H., A.S.C.
Gaston, C., 23rd City of London (T)
Gibbs, V., S.S. Marie Elsie
Gooby, J., H.M.S. Warspite
Goss, S., 4th Royal Berks
Harmes, F., Sussex R.E. (T)
Haskett, B., H.M.S. Jason
Hatchwell, F., A.V.C., lst Dragoons
Hickson, Capt. L. H., King's African Rifles
Hodgkinson, W. T., Queen's W. Surrey
Holder, T., Queen's W. Surrey
Horne, A., 3rd Rifle Brigade
Jackson, G. W., H.M.S. Zealandia
Jewell, J. F., R.M.L.I.
Kellaway, W., R.G.A.
Le Blanc Smith, Lt. G., Bowker's Horse, E.Africa
Lee, A., R.M.L.I.
*Leishman, Col. Sir W., C.B., R.A.M.C. Lifford, E., A.S.C.
Mills, G. R., Sergt., A.S.C.
Mills, L. C. A.S.C.
Miller, W., R.F.
Mould, H. S., Surrey Yeomanry
Neate, C., 5th Rifle Brigade
Pain, Dr. B. H., R.N. Air Service
Pelly, Capt. H. B., H.M.S. Tiger
Penfold, B., Queen's W. Surrey
Penfold, L., Queen's W. Surrey
Peters, E., Surrey Yeomanry
Port, A. J., R.H.A.
Port, J., R.G.A
Potts, B. L., Cpl., A.S.C. (Mach. Trans.)
Rattenbury, O. J., R.E. (Sign. Corps)
Razzell, -, R A.M.C.
Reddick, A , H.M.S. Indomitable
Rickards, Lieut. E., Surrey Yeomanry
Rowe, E., H.M.S. Natal
Sanders, J. A., 1st Life Guards
*Scarterfield, R. C., Sergt., 15th Hussars
Skilton, H., S.S. Galway Castle
Skilton, L. S., Ist Queen's W. Surrey
Small, G. F., . R. F. A.
Songhurst, L. F., R.A.M.C.
Southern, W. C., Oxford Light Infantry
Stevens, J. J., Rifle Brigade
Stone, G. A., 3rd East Surrey
Stone, W. A., R.F.A.
Theobald, F., H.M.S. Flying Fish
Theobald, H., H.M.S....... ..
Thorne, E. A., A.S.C. Motor Transpt.
Tickner, A. R., H.M.S. Shark
Tribe, A., R.M.L.I.
Wafforn, A., R.F.A.
Wales, W., H.M.S. Defiance
Ward, Lt.-Com. V. E., H.M.S. C 18
Wareham, J., H.M.S. ..........
Wellings, P. J., Army Vety. Corps
White, Lieut. C. T. H., H.M.S. Inflexible
Wickens, C., R.F.A.
Winter, H. C., Sergt., R. E.
Worsfold, A., H.M.S. Lapwing
Worsfold, F. G., 1st East Surrey
Worsfold, J., A.S.C.
Wrinch, Lt. H. S., City of London R.F.

*Mentioned in Despatches.

Dare, Capt. J., Loyal North Lancs. - returned invalided to England.
Friday, P., 1st East Surrey - returned invalided to England.
Roberts, F.. J., 2nd Manchester - returned invalided to England.
Shepherd, L., 3rd Manchester - returned invalided to England.
Cook, R. T., 5th Royal Fusiliers - returned wounded to England.
Gibbs, A. J., 1st East Surrey - returned wounded to England.
Redford, F. H., lst Coldstream Guards - returned wounded to England.
Watkins, F., 20th Hussars - returned wounded to England.
Summersby, A., R. E. - returned wounded to England.
Horne, T., 1st Rifle Brigade - Prisoner in Germany, wounded.
Ward, Capt. H. E., Buffs (attd. K.R.R.) - Prisoner in Germany, wounded.



The following have laid down their lives for their Country.

Dec. 18, 1914. Albert Bennett, 2nd Queen's W. Surrey, killed in action in Flanders
Jan. 1, 1915. Victor Wright, R.M.L.I., sank with H.M.S. Formidable
Jan. 22 , 1915. Edward George Ireland, R.A.M.C., died in Hospital, St.Omer


Aird, A., R.F.A.
Aird, A., Royal W. Kents (Buffs)
Aldridge, C., Sergt. Instr., East Surrey
Bartholomew, F., 5th Lancers
Chapman, W. H. J., Queen's W. Surrey
Cook, D, R.M.L.I.
Cooper, T. R., R.F.A.
Crayden, G. A., H.M.S ........
Fillery, T. H., R.A.M.C. (India)
Green, A. H.M.S. Powerful
Holder, W., East Surrey
Hutchings, W., R A.
Kellaway, J., R.G.A. (Colombo)
Leadbetter, W., Sgt. Instr., Royal Sussex
Lewis, J., Cpl., King's Royal Rifles
Linsell, S., Sergt. Instr., East Surrey
Milton, E. H., A.S.C.
Nash, G., 2nd Coldstream Guards
Ormond, Dr. S, J., R.A.M.C.
Page, Sergt. Instr., 20th Royal Fusiliers
Port, G. H., R.F.A.
Ranger, E., Queen's W. Surrey
Room. F., H.M.S. Dido
Sanders, J. A., 1st Life Guards
Stevens-Nash, Major C. G., R.A. (Staff)
Summerfield, V., East Kent
Waite, E., Queen's W. Surrey
Warren, S., 5th R.E.
Watkinson, Sergt. Instr. H.,
Woodley, Lt.-Col. E. J., 10th W. Yorks
Woolgar, W. J., R.N. Air Service



Abell, G. A., Queen's W. Surrey
Abell, P., East Surrey
Aird, W., 13th London (Kens. Rifles)
Aldous, P., 5th East Surrey (T)
Allen, J., 23rd City of London (T)
Annison, Lce.-Cpl., 5th East Surrey (T)
Archer, C. E, Royal Fusiliers
Arthur, W.
Arthurs, G., 5th East Surrey
Baker, A., R.G.A.
Barnard, A.
Batchelor, A. W., 5th East Surrey (T)
Bensley, W., 4th East Surrey
Berry, H.
Bexley, L. H., 5th East Surrey (T)
Bluck, E., 3rd East Surrey
Boyle, W., 7th Royal Sussex
Brill, F., 5th Queen's W. Surrey (T)
Buckle, C., 5th East Surrey (T)
Bullen, A. T., East Surrey
Bullen, H., 5th East Surrey (T)
Burgess, C. H.,
Busfield, J., 19th Royal Fusiliers
Bussey, W. A., 7th East Surrey
Bussey, B.
Carpenter, J.
Caudwell, F. C., R.A.M.C. (T)
Chapman, C., 5th East Surrey (T)
Charman, E., R.A.M.C.
Chetwynd-Stapylton, Capt. G. B., 5th East Surrey (T)
Childs, A. D., H.A.C.
Chilman, J., Rifle Brigade
Clapshew, A , City of London (T)
Clements, E. A.,
Coleridge, Lt. G. C., 8th South Staffs.
Collis, A., 5th East Surrey (T)
Collis, L., 5th East Surrey (T)
Cook, W., 5th East Surrey (T)
Cooke, G. F.. 6th Queen's W. Surrey
Cooper, A., Queen's Westminster Rifles
Cooper, A. E., Sgt 12th London(Rangs)
Cooper, W, J., 5th Queen's W. Surrey
Coxill, A., 6th Queen's W. Surrey
Davis, S., 5th East Surrey (T)
Dickeuson, A., 5th East Surrey (Res.)
Dovey, A. G., 20th Royal Fusiliers
Dovey, B. H., R.G.A.
Drummond, Lt. C., Westmt. Dragoons
Duffield, A., 5th East Surrey
Easton, F. J., 7th East Surrey
Easton, H., 5th East Surrey
Edwards, E. F.,
Elsden, J., Lce.-Cpl., 5th E. Surrey (T)
Elsey, F , Rocky Mt. Rangers (Can. Ct.)
Fillery, J. L., 5th East Surrey
Finch, F., 5th East Surrey (Res.)
Flight, L. V. C. R.E.
Fowler, J. H., A.S.C.
Friday, A., 7th East Surrey
Gadd, G., A.S.C.
Gale, A., East Surrey
Gale, A. C., 5th East Surrey (Res)
Gates, W., 5th Queen's W. Surrey (T)
Gibbs, S. T., 5th East Surrey (T)
Gillett, Lt.-Col. W. A., 5th E. Surrey (T)



Goddard, E., 7th East Surrey
Godwin, L., A.S.C.
Goff, F., 7th East Surrey
Grahame, Lieut. D., 5th East Surrey (T)
Grantham, H., 5th East Surrey (Res.)
Green, C. W. D., 3rd Queen's W. Surrey
Green, W. A., 5th East Surrey (T)
Gregory, Lt. G. C. W., Surrey (T)
Gregory, H. G., 5th East Surrey (T)
Hackman, E., R.A.M.C.
Hackman, H., R.A.M.C.
Harding, J., 5th East Surrey (Res.)
Haiselden, C., Sergt., 5th East Surrey (T)
Harwood, A., Royal Fusiliers
Hatton, J., 5th East Surrey (T)
Hay, R. A., 5th East Surrey (T)
Hill, D., P.S. Naval Brigade
Hill, Lt. V., South Lancashire
Hill, W. T., Canadian (Ft. Garry) Ct.
Hillman, Lt. A. J. S., 2nd Wessex R.F.A.
Hinde, A., A.S.C.
Hitchcock, H., Royal Fusiliers
Hodge, Lieut. H. W., R.G.A.
Hodges, Lieut. R. A., 5th E. Surrey (T)
Hogsden, F., 5th East Surrey (T)
Howard, - Bedfordshire Yeomanry
Howe, F., Army Vety. Corps
Hurford, G., Bristol Regt. (Gloucesters)
Impson, Lieut. H. J., 8th Norfolk
Ireland, J., 5t.h East Surrey (Res.)
Jeeves, H. W., R.E.
Jewell, G.C., 5th East Surrey (T)
Johnson, W. C., Sergt., C.L.B. Bn. K.R.R.
Jopling, A. E., Royal Fusiliers
Kemp, W., 5th East Surrey (T)
Keswick, Capt. H., M.P., K.O. Scottish Borderers
Killick, G. E., 3rd East Surrey
Kirby, L., Bombay Volunteer Rifles
Kirby, T. C., Nat. Volunteer Force
Kirkland, J., 5th East Surrey (Res.)
Laming, W. M., East Surrey (T)
Leach, Lt. C. de L., 6th Rifle Brigade
Leach, G., 5th East Surrey (T)
Leavey, T. J., Sergt., 20th R. Fusiliers
Le Blanc Smith, M., R.Air Craft Factory
Lewis, W. A., Queen's W. Surrey
Longley, R. F., King's Royal Rifles
Loxley, S., 7th East Surrey
Lucas, A. G., 5th East Surrey (T)
Main, G., 1st County of London (T)
Marriner, H., Sergt., 5th East Surrey
Martin, C., 3rd Queen's W. Surrey
Messam, A. G., 5th East Surrey (T)
Mileham, E. G., H.M.Y. Aster (R.N.R.)
Miller, T. V., 3rd Queen's W. Surrey
Murless, L. A., 1st Devon R.A. (T)
Newsom, W. R., Surrey Yeomanry
Nunn, C. A.
Oak, A., R.F.A.
Otway, A. C., Cpl., 5th E. Surrey (Res.)
Page, R., London Electric Engineers
Palmer, F., 5th E. Surrey (Res.)
Palmer, W., 5th Queen's W. Surrey (T)
Pattenden, P. H., 5th East Surrey (T)
Payne, H. N., 7th East Surrey
Penfold E., Queen's W. Surrey
Port, D., 5th East Surrey
Poulter, J., Bedford Regt.
Rabbits, F., 5th Queen's W. Surrey (T)
Read, F. G., 2nd Sportsm. Corps R.F.
Read, I . D., 2nd Sportsm. Corps R.F.
Reddick, A. H., Bombr R.G.A.
Ringer, C., A.S C.
Robinson, W. A., 7th East Surrey
Rowe, Lieut. F. G. C., 7th York & Lancs.
Schleisch, L., King's Royal Rifles
Selfe, C., Queen's W. Surrey
Sherwood, H., 5th Norfolk Regt.
Shurville, H., Roya1 Fusiliers
Sirs, - Queen's W. Surrey
Skelton, P., Coldstream Guards
Small, T.
Smith, A. J., 5th East Surrey (T)
Smith, F., R.G A.
Smith, F. J., R.F.A.
Smithers, R. 5th East Surrey (T)
Smithers, W., 5th East Surrey (Res.)
Southern, A. A. J. V., 6th East Surrey (T)
Steer, A., 7th East Surrey
Steer, W. J., 7th East Surrey
Stickland, A., Royal Fusiliers
Stickland, J., 5th East Surrey (Res.)
Stickland, R. H., A.S.C.
Stone, W. J., East Surrey
Summerfield, A., 3rd Queen's W. Surrey
Swanston, E. S., 2nd Sportsm.Corps R.F.
Symonds, A. J., 5th East Surrey (Res.)
Symonds, J., 5th East Surrey (T)
Tate, T. H., 5th Queen's W. Surrey (T)
Taylor, A. H., Royal Fusiliers
Taylor, F., Royal Fusiliers
Taylor, W., East Surrey
Thorpe, C., R.G.A.
Toone, C. E. East Surrey
Trodd, R. E. G., Royal Fusiliers
Tuckey, J.
Tyrrell, S. E., A.S.C.
Underwood, A., 3rd East Surrey
Waite, E. E., Queen's W. Surrey
Walker, F., Q. Victoria Rifles
Walker, J., 5th East Surrey
Walters, G., East Surrey (T)
Ward, G. P., Royal Fusiliers
Ward, Lieut. R.O.C., 6th E. Kent (Buffs)
Warr, R. J., 3rd Queen's W. Surrey
Watson, E. R., R. E.
Webb, O. S.. R.E.
Weller, A. E., 5th East Surrey (T)
Wells, W., 5th East Surrey (T)
White, Lt. F. B. H., R. E.
Wickens, E., 5th East Surrey (Res.)
Williams, G. A., 20th Royal Fusiliers
Williams, S. G., London Rifle Brigade
Wilsden, P., Bombr., R.F.A.
Winter, B. W. G., Sgt., 5th E. Surrey (T)
Worsfold, H., Canadian Contingent
Worsfold, Sergt. F., 5th E. Surrey (T)
Worsfold, J., 5th E. Surrey (T)
Worsfold, Cpl. W., 5th E. Surrey (T)
Wright, E. N., 9th Norfolk
Wright, W. E., 24th City of London (T)

The Vicar will be very grateful for any additional names, or corrections of this list.


A.S.C. Army Service Corps
A.V.C. Army Veterinary Corps
C.L.B. Church Lads Brigade
Ct. Contingent
H.A.C. Honourable Artillery Company
H.M.Y. His Majesty's Yacht
K.O. Kings Own
K.R.R. Kings Royal Rifles
R.A.M.C. Royal Army Medical Corps

R.E. Royal Engineers
R.F. Royal Fusiliers
R.F.A. Royal Field Artillery
R.G.A. Royal Garrison Artillery
R.H.A. Royal Horse Artillery
R.M.L.I. Royal Marines Light Infantry
R.N.R. Royal Naval Reserve
Sergt. Instr. H. Sergeant Instructor H?
Sportsm. Sportsman
(T) Territorials

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