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Feb-Apr 19
Site restyled.
The Personalities page entries have been moved to the Staff page.

Feb 13
Felicity King
(now Hook) is organising a reunion of the classes of 69, those who started in 1969 - see Reunions

Jan 13
Death of Jack Wooding in a climbing accident in the Cairngorms. George, Jack and Mona Wooding were at Therfield and their mother was for a time on the Reception desk. There was a hugely attended memorial service at St George's, Ashtead.
Nancy Pond 57-61 (now Sayers) makes contact from Queensland, Australia - see 60s

Aug 12
Travers Rudd
, who came in 1980 and left in 1985 after a year in the sixth form, makes contact. He works in the City.

Mar 12
Angela Rive
80-84 adds memories to the 80s page - see 80s

Dec 11
News of the death of Mr John D Wooding - it is hoped to add a tribute page. If you have recollections of him, please contact the editor.

Apr 10
Peter Loose
71-78 registers, now in Buckinghamshire
July 2009 newsletter - Christine Robin, Alun Thomas, and Steve Hill retire
April, October, December 2009 and February 2010 newsletters added

Mar 10
Simon Branfield 73-78, registers, now in Cornwall

Apr 09
Fiona Knapp
78-82, now Rodwell registers, now in Scotland

Feb 2009
Andrew Smith
75-82 registers, now in Surrey
Terry Drewitt 1960s registers
Some updating of the Newsletters archive.

Jan 2009
Jo Wheatley 80-84 registers, now in the IoW.

Dec 2008
Gary Faddes 88-92 makes contact: he asks if anyone has a 91-92 Yearbook?

Sep 2008
News of the death of Will Nelson "An Epsom man who survived the ravages of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans three years ago has been killed in a road accident in South Korea .. Will, 24, a graduate from Loughborough University, and a former pupil of Therfield School, Leatherhead .." -
report on the Epsom Guardian website, Thursday 4th September 2008. He left Therfield in 2002.
Vera Casey (now Mouser) was in the 4th-6th forms, leaving in 1973, makes contact from the state of Pennsylvania, USA.

Jul 2008
David Burvill
77-81 registers, now in Western Australia.

Jun 2008
News via Mr Alun Thomas of the posting of Wg Cdr David Cooper as the new Officer Commanding, No.617 Squadron Royal Air Force - better known as the Dambusters.

David left Therfield in the 1980s.

May 2008
Susan Ford
now Hall explains the 1974 school mag girl's hockey photo, the 1976 shcool mag photos of Norbury staff one the 'krazy walk' and the 1978 school fire photo

March 2008
Year 13 destinations 2007 added

February 2008
Carol Posner (now Stewart) 67-74 joins Register - see 1960s page
Tania & Sophie Rocks update their entries - see 1990s page

January 2008
Rita Yeo
's (now Herrick) entry is updated - see 1960s page
Lin Crawforth adds names to photos in the 1980 school mag, and the 1984 and 1985 Journals

December 2007
Class of 87 reunion newspaper report.
December 2007 Newsletter

November 2007
October 2007 newsletter.

August 2007
July 2007 newsletter
Roland Kedge 1951-55 joins Register - see 1950s page

June 2007
May 2007 newsletter.
See reunions page for link to a proposed class of 87 reunion.
Year 13 destinations 2006 added

April 2007
March 2007 newsletter: newsletters will now be issued less frequently by Therfield

March 2007
February 2007 Newsletter.
Roger Tunstill (69-75) now in Singapore joins the Register "Only in touch with my family, Carole, David Sally and Jackie Tunstill who all went to Therfield. Sister Carole is in touch with many ex-pupils!"

January/February 2007
January 2007 Newsletter.
Maurice Hopper, now in Devon, who was known as John at Therfield 61-69, joins the Register

December 2006
December Newsletter, goodbye to Mr Graham Tuck
November 2006 newsletter, with news of the appointment of Mrs Susan Willman as the next Headteacher.

November 2006
October 2006 newsletter, to which details have been added of the news that the Headteacher, Mr Graham Tuck, is moving on to new roles in the world of education.

October 2006
September 2006 newsletter added

September 2006
Cyril Pearce, an early Head of the Lower School at Therfield has died. Several former colleagues were at his funeral.

June/July 2006
July & June 2006 newsletters added
The Murrells (Ann née Gasson and John Murrell) update their 1950s alumni entry
Simon Jessey 1982-88 makes contact from Pennsylvania
Terry Jones 1966-1970 (ish) makes contact from Sydney Australia

news of Class of 95 Reunion July 29 added
May 2006 newsletter added
Bernard Meech 52-57 added to the Register

April 2006
Andrew Brook
1975-81 registers - see Alumni 80s
Year 13 destinations 2005 added
April 2006 newsletter added
Images of the
building work for new classrooms and music suite
news of Class of 94 Reunion June 10 added

March 2006
March 2006 newsletter added

February 2006
February 2006 newsletter added

January 2006
Little Shop of Horrors, Jan 2006 production page added
January 2006 newsletter added

December 2005
December & November 2005 newsletters added to archive.
Thanks to Mrs Barbara Sharkey the May 1990 (Tracy Scarsbrook arrives) and July 1990 (David Goldhawk & Gwen Hack leave) newsletters have been added to the on-line archive.

November 2005
21 Nov 2005 - 5000th visit to the Alumni website.
More photos added of Jan 12 2002 reunion and a photo report started on 1952-98 Reunion held at Woodville in 1998, courtesy of Judith Crawford (Tyrrell 53) - see Reunions

October 2005
Mr Martin de Little for Handmade Furniture - see Personalities
October newsletter added to archive. Planning permission has been granted for the new classrooms!

September 2005
September newsletter added to archive.
Site updated to be more readable on higher resolution screens.

August 2005
Leatherhead Advertiser, Thursday August 11 2005, p8
Classrooms may be demolished at Therfield School to make way for a new music and drama extension. The school in Dilston Road, Leatherhead, has submitted plans that would involve the loss of 11 temporary classrooms, most of which are "beyond economic repair and/or in a poor condition," according to Surrey County Council.

In their place, it is proposed to build a new teaching block and performing arts suite. The £3m extension would have eight classrooms and ancillary areas, two music rooms, seven practice rooms, a music ensemble space, a recording room, two drama areas and office and storage facilities.

Beverley Spooner, of Surrey County Council, said: "At present the mobiles accommodate a variety of curriculum subjects resulting in departments being dispersed throughout the existing buildings, rather than suited together. The proposed construction of a new teaching block and performing arts suite will both address the need to replace temporary accommodation with permanent build and allow the grouping of departments to be significantly improved upon. The design will provide a high quality modern building to meet curriculum standards, improve both pupil and staff conditions, and reduce energy consumption and future maintenance costs."

But the school is still £600,000 short, a shortfall that would delay the second phase of construction, the drama department, until additional funding is found.

On completion, the school would transfer into the new classrooms and the movable classrooms would be taken away from the site. The project has been submitted to Surrey County Council planning for consideration with a response expected by early October. If approval is granted, work could start at the end of October with the new classrooms ready by Christmas 2006.

July 2005
Lucy Quinnell enables Therfield to serve the community with style
July 2005 newsletter
Barbara Sharkey has provided newsletters for October 1979, February and June 1980
(see Archive of newsletters).

June 2005
June 2005 newsletter
Ben Barden 96
updates his entry in the 90s and helps with IDs on Who ..

May 2005
May 2005 newsletter
Paul Farnfield 62-65
joins - lives in Ashtead

April 2005
Apr 2005 newsletter
Application form (pdf file) for Quiz Supper 28th April at school - licensed bar. If appropriate, please display our poster
Tracey Scarsbrook
(Geography 1988-95) back in email contact

March 2005
Early 1950s pages added from Judith Crawford's (née Tyrrell) album
see links in History > History since 1945
- three one act plays March 1952
- Senior Drama Club 1953
- photos of the new school
- Speech Day 2 Dec 1953 (the first at Dilston Rd)
- retirement of Mr SA Moore 1957

Mar 2005 newsletter added

Feb 2005
Feb 2005 newsletter added

Shirley (now Sarah) Ann Beaumont 1963-70 registers from Melbourne, Australia

Wednesday, 2 February, 2005: BBC News website: 'Best of the best' schools named: Seven schools have been dubbed "outstanding" for a third time in the annual report by England's education watchdog Ofsted. Of these, three are comprehensives, three are grammar schools and one is a junior school.

To attain the status of outstanding schools have to perform well in exams and be highly rated for qualities such as teaching and discipline. A further 43 have had two mentions in annual reports, which started in 1993 - Therfield is one of these >
see story

Jan 2005
Jan 2005 newsletter
Alwyn Scott 66-71 registers

Dec 2004
2004 School Production -
Sweeney Todd
December 2004 newsletter
Tony Davie 48-53 registers

Nov 2004
Lin Crawforth
adds some names to the 1985 and 1985 Journal pages.
November 2004 newsletter added

Oct 2004
Oct 2004 newsletter
added and work begun to reflect the formation of the Therfield Alumni with a registration form and lists of all in contact, those in email contact and those out of touch. Good as Friends Reunited is, we found that using it to publicise the launch of Therfield Alumni was patchy.

Please click link for a report on the Inaugural event for the Therfield Alumni
(that's what we have chosen to call ourselves)
took place at Therfield on 23 Oct 2004 attended by 57 former students and staff. A team has been formed to put together a couple of major events in 2005. In the meantime we ask you to register. There is no subscription! Please print off, complete and send our

Year 13 destinations for 2004 added

Beverley Hall (left 92) adds her entry to the 1990s page
Judith Tyrell now Crawford (left 48) provides an earlier school badge (and an album of photos which we hope to have on-line before Christmas) - see History.

New members
Ken Pickworth 57-64

Sep 2004
Sep 2004 newsletter

July 2004
Ben Hall
(left 1990) updates his 1990s entry
Gail Bennie
(1989-95) spots some faces in the WhWhWh? photos
July 2004 Newsletter added - next will be September's
June 2004 newsletter added.
Vicky Sutherland spots some faces in the WhWhWh? photos
Clive Bishop (left 1970) updates his 1970s notes.
Chris Ranger provides a Sixth Form photo 1979/80 - see Alumni 1970s
The school website is replaced: Frank Haslam, who set up and maintained the school website 1999-2002 continues to edit and maintain the Friends, History and Alumni pages.

June 2004
Will John Grassby please email the editor? John's email address does not appear to be working and he has a number of Therfield photos we'd like to use!

May 2004
Who, Where, When? -
A selection of photos from the school archives is being added and you are invited to identify the people, date and location, as appropriate - see WhWhWh?
May 2004 newsletter added

April 2004
April 2004 newsletter

March 2004
March 2004 newsletter

February 2004
1970 Clive Bishop, now in Zimbabwe
1957 John Murrell, whose wife is Ann Gasson. They are visiting the UK from S Africa in June 2004.
Feb 2004 newsletter added.

January 2004
Jan 2004 newsletter added.

December 2003
Dec 2003 newsletter added.
Some updates to 2003 Leavers.

November 2003
Y13 Leavers 2003 and November 2003 Newsletter added.
All Headteacher's Newsletters found so far have been added to the website. Missing is July? 1990. If you can lend or donate this, or earlier issues not shown, please contact the editor.
Pages on the Internet by or about people who were at Therfield - via Links
Extracts from the Therfield Magazines 1977-1980 and Journals 1981, 82, 84, 85 added - see History
Therfield files at Surrey History Centre listed - see History > Material Archive
The School restores links to these pages on the temporary school website on 10 Nov 2003: this site's counter reset to 0.
Extracts from the Therfield Magazine ' 76 added - the school year Chris Pratt arrived!

October 2003
The History pages are given their own menu: Therfield Journal 1985 and extracts from the Therfield Magazine 1974 have been added to immediately broaden the scope of interest and there is now a list of some archive material.
The site is made searchable and this will become more effective as more material is added, so please keep checking to see what's new. Use the Back button in your browser toolbar to return to the site.
Work is continuing to add back copies of Therfield News and to locate earlier Newsletters. If you can help fill any gaps please let the editor know - see Newsletter Archive.
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