Therfield Alumni: those in contact (email or post)

last update 1 Mar 19

On 23 October 2004 we launched Therfield Alumni. To help us grow please put us in touch with those not listed below.

Additions/updates If you are a Therfield Alumni or former staff or near kin of a late TA/staff member and you are NOT on this list:

please print off, complete and post our REGISTRATION FORM
email the editor, Frank Haslam, on with the information requested on that form.

If your details change, please let us know. Email addresses alone are not good for comtinuity.

Those in email contact are marked e. If your email address has changed please let us know!
Some we are out of touch with - can you help, are you one of them?

Privacy The lists below do not include actual postal or email addresses, nor telephone numbers. We are happy to put people in contact with each other but it is entirely up to the the person being contacted whether they wish to respond:

  sender is on email sender is post only
X is
on email
email will be forwarded to X write to editor saying you wish to contact X: the editor will email X with your postal address & phone no and a request from you that they make contact
X is
post only
write to editor enclosing your letter to X in a stamped but unaddressed envelope, which will be addressed and posted on to X

Editor's address: Frank Haslam (Therfield Alumni), 56 Windfield, Leatherhead, Surrey KT22 8UQ

All those in touch as Therfield/LCS Alumni

Year: the first year shown is the entry year e.g. 60.
if shown as, for example, 60(62) this person arrived in 1962 but was in a class almost all of whom were entry year 1960.
p = parent: g =governor: n = next of kin: bold = staff.

Names: where the present name is different from that at school this is shown as, for example, Black now White

Alcoe, Nigel 70-75
Atherton, Lesley now Price 79-84 e

Back, Heather 85-91 e
Back (Hall), Sylvia now Back 6?-7?
Barden, Ben -96
Beaumont, Shirley (now Sarah) Ann 63-70
Branfield, Simon 73-78 e
Borgust, Adrian -71
Brook, Andrew 75-81
Brownsett, Matt -87
Budd, Joanne now Cook 86-92 e
Budd, Lisa now Graham 82-88 e
Burvill, David 77-81

Casey, Vera now Mouser 70-73 e
Chalk, Philip 80-84
Christian, Amanda now Lambert 82-88 e
Clement, Darren 82-86
Cox, Dave 77-99 e
Crawford, Anthony 53-58 e
Crawford, Andrew 81-87 e

Davie, Tony 48-53 e
Dann, Claus 80-84
Dennard, Lance 81-88 e
Denyer, Mary 84-90 e
Denyer, Peter 54-59 e
Drewitt, Terry 60s e
Dunsford, Tim 76-82

Everington, Richard 74-91
Eames, Bob -64

Faddes, Gary 88-92 e
Farnfield, Paul 62-65
Ford, Sue now Hall 75-82 e

Hack, Gwen 59-90 e
Hall, Beverley now Magowan 86-92 e
Hallstead, Vicky now Starfield 83-89 e
Harris, Chris 82-87 e
Haslam, Frank FOT e
Hodgson, Ellenor 71-02
Holland, Tina now Taylor e
Hopper, (John) Maurice 61-69 e

Jenden, Gillian now Hunter 77-81
Jessey, Simon 82-88 e
Jones, Terry 66-71 e

Kedge, Roland 51-55
Kemp, Trevor 80-84 e
Kent, Amanda 83-89 e
Knapp, Fiona now Rodwell 78-82 e

Litten, Jonathan 81-87 e
Loose, Peter -78 e
Loxton, Debbie now Grunsell 70-77 e

Mackie, Ian 93-97 e
Marchant, Howard 57-64 e
Marsh, Douglas 80-85 e
Martin, Andrew 75-82 e
McMichael, Sue now Alden 86-92 e
Meech, Bernard 52-57 e
Mills, Keith 80-84
Musoke, Shelagh 82-90 e

Norren, Mark
Nunn, Stewart 61-66

Pickworth, Ken 57-64 e
Pond, Nancy (now Sayers) 57-61 e
Posner, Carol (now Stewart) 67-74 e
Pratt, Christopher 75-01
Prior, Kate now Dawson ?-85 e

Quinnell, Lucy now Boydell 77-84 e

Reddin, Terry 85-01 e
Reed, David 66-72 e
Rive, Angela 79-84 e
Rosser, Greg 80-84
Rudd, Travers 80-85 e

Samler, Gillian now Marchant 57-63 e
Scarsbrook, Tracey 88-95 e
Scott, Alwyn 66-71
Scott, Debbie now Graham 83-88 e
Scott, Denise now Ball 83-89 e
Sharkey, Barbara 5/78-10/03 e
Shepheard, Mike 75-83
Shepheard, Karen now Robinson 75-81 e
Smith, Andrew 75-82 e
Sneesby, Clive 78-82
Stedman, Christine Stedman 94-
Stephens, Mick 77-81
Stockwell, Tonwen 73-86
Sweby, Caroline 77-83 e

Thomas, Alun 71- e
Tunstill, Roger 69-75 e
Tyrell, Judith now Crawford 48-53 e

Wheatley, Jo 80-84 e
White, Sarah now Morris 82-88 e
the family of Wooding, John 72-85 e
Workman, Tim 78-80 e

Herrick, Rita now Yeo -66 e

Jenkins, Annie 61-68: died 9 Jan 2007 and is buried in Leatherhead Parish Churchyard.
Mr John Wooding died in Dec 2011.