Therfield Alumni: those in contact by email

If you are an or former staff or near kin of a late /staff member and you are on email but NOT on this list, please email with the information requested on our Registration form.

If you wish to be in touch with someone on this email contact list your request will be forwarded to them.

Year: the year shown is the entry year e.g. 81: if shown as 'yy', this person arrived later than the rest of their year, who started in yy.

See also: all in touch (by post or email)

Those on email, by surname (when at school): bold=staff

Atherton, Lesley now Price 79-84

Back, Heather 85-91
Budd, Joanne now Cook 86-92
Budd, Lisa now Graham 82-88

Christian, Amanda now Lambert 82-88
Cox, Dave 77-99
Crawford, Anthony 53-58
Crawford, Andrew 81-87

Davie, Tony 48-53
Dennard, Lance 81-88
Denyer, Mary 84-90

Faddes, Gary 88-92

Hall, Beverley 86-92
Hallstead, Vicky now Starfield 83-89
Harris, Chris 82-87
Haslam, Frank FOT cur
Holland, Tina now Taylor
Hopper, (John) Maurice 61-69

Jessey, Simon 82-88
Jones, Terry 66-71

Kemp, Trevor 80-84
Kent, Amanda 83-89

Litten, Jonathan 81-87
Loxton, Debbie now Grunsell 70-77

Mackie, Ian 93-97
Marchant, Howard 57-64
Marsh, Douglas 80-85
Martin, Andrew 75-82
McMichael, Sue now Alden 86-92
Meech, Bernard 52-57
Musoke, Shelagh 82-90

Pickworth, Ken 57-64
Pratt, Christopher 75-01
Prior, Kate now Dawson ?-85

Quinnell, Lucy now Boydell 77- 84

Reddin, Terry 85-01

Samler, Gillian now Marchant 57-63
Scott, Debbie now Graham 83-88
Scott, Denise now Ball 83-89
Sharkey, Barbara 77-02
Shepheard, Karen now Robinson 74-81
Smith, Andrew 75-82
Sweby, Caroline 77-83

Thomas, Alun 71-cur
Tunstill, Roger 69-75
Tyrell, Judith now Crawford 48-53

Wheatley, Jo 80-84
White, Sarah now Morris 82-88
Wooding, John 72-85
Workman, Tim 78-80

last update 2 Feb 09