Rifleman Frank Richard James Thompson
11th (1st Bn. The Queen's Westminsters) Bn, King's Royal Rifle Corps

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King's Royal Rifle Corps

Further research is necessary to establish what may be known of the circumstances of Frank Thompson's death.

The 26th October 1942 was the fourth day of the Battle of El Alamein. General Montgomery halted the attack against Rommel's forces to regroup his forces. Rommel freshly back from Germany, began quick counterthrusts, moving the 21st Panzer and Ariete Divisions up from the south. Convinced that the main Allied attack would come along the coast, he moved the 15th Panzer there to counter it, with the 90th Light as support.

Frank Thompson lived with his parents at what was then 156 Kingston Road, near the corner with Aperdele Road.

He was at Leatherhead Secondary School and it is believed he worked at Moulds, an emporium in Leatherhead High Street.

Frank loved reading and was very quiet person.

His nephew, Frank Reginald Thompson, born in December 1943, was named after him and Frank's brother Frederick Reginald Thompson who was killed on 28th October 1943.

Rifleman THOMPSON, Frank Richard James: 6094969: Age 26
Regiment: King's Royal Rifle Corps
Unit Text: 11th (1st Bn. The Queen's Westminsters) Bn
Date of Death: 26/10/1942
Son of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Thompson, of Leatherhead, Surrey.
His brother, Frederick Reginald Thompson, also fell.
Grave/Memorial Reference: Column 68.

image via Mrs Edith Thompson, sister-in-law

1. Mrs Edith Thompson, sister in law, Great Bookham


The Queen's Westminsters

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