Contacting us & Finding the memorials

last updated 11 Feb 14
CWGC = Commonwealth War Graves Commission


This website is a team effort. Frank Haslam is the website editor and keeper of the database. Ian Whitlock provides invaluable assistance on WWI issues and his enquiries were the inspiration for the site.

contact by email: click on Leatherhead War Memorials Project and include Leatherhead in the subject line of your message

by post: Leatherhead War Memorials Project, c/o 56 Windfield, Leatherhead, Surrey KT22 8UQ: please include a suitable stamped addressed envelope if you need a postal reply.


Map/website links

Town map

Leatherhead Parish Church, Church Rd - contact the Parish Secretary for church opening times

Town Memorial, North Street - to get it unlocked - map - junction of Gravel Hill & North Street

St John's School - please contact the school to make arrangements to visit the Chapel

Methodist Church, Church Street - please contact via their website to make arrangements to visit the church