Therfield School Leatherhead
Making contact for the Alumni and History pages

If you were at Therfield or on the staff please contact the editor of these pages with some then/now information - more of your secondary school days than usually provided on the excellent FriendsReunited.

Please provide :
- the year you left Therfield
- your name (if changed, name then/now)
- the (nick)name by which you were known
- key Therfield memories, names of friends/staff
- a brief description of what you are doing now.

Your entry may be edited and will show an anti-spam version # of your email address.

The editor also seeks material for the History & News Archive pages.

As an anti-spam measure alumni email addresses are shown edited: e.g.
instead of

When emailing alumni, copy and paste their address shown into the To box of your email and then replace AT with @

Contact Alumni/History editor Frank Haslam

Please notify me of email address changes!

There is no fee for an entry on the Therfield Alumni pages