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1990 Nadine BERRY
: message 8.4.02 : contact: jenkins.berryATwanadoo.fr

Those who may remember me would know that at the time I wanted to study Medicine. Thanks to a car accident a few days before my 'A' levels started (what I was doing out I don't know!) I completely messed things up. As a consequence I retook them at Reigate 6th Form College.

After that I seemed to have a phobia about exams and never really achieved those fantastic grades required so went on to study at Southampton.  Here I got a degree in Physiology and Pharmacology followed by a year job searching, then a year and a half with a medical equipment company.  This was great money, company car but I couldn't stand the on-call for when the stuff broke down!  Leaving this I went into accounting .... what a mistake that was!  I talk too much which doesn't go down too well in this field so after 2 years left to join my future hubby here in France! So at the moment I'm living in the South of France with a French Naval Officer who I met at Southampton University.  In June we are getting married here in Nmes where Stephen is based.    

As for my memories of Therfield, for the students, there was the Alice Rimmington band including Natalie Lunn, Rachel Osmond etc.: the twins Simon and Jo Chaffey, Sue Cornfield, Sara Pruden, Nick Green, Nick Gardener, Alison Tweedie, Mark Williamson (who were later to become inseparable), Katrina (?), Catherine Gee, Cathy McClean, Ian Dywer (Mekong) and I could go on!!  

Teacherwise Mr Cummings was a great History teacher and was always with Mr Sharman.  For a brief period there was Miss O'Shea who also formed part of this group and I will always remember Mrs Robinson's French classes where myself and Sara Pruden used to count how many times she said "bon".   For me the best teacher of all was Mrs Baker, the biology teacher!  She was an amazing woman and now and again still crosses my mind!   I'm sorry to say that there is no one that I keep in contact with ... there was a brief reunion under very sad circumstances - Nick Green's funeral. Despite all the best intentions I never kept in contact with people.

Life suits me here and I'm far happier than I ever was in England.  I seem to have mastered French to a lesser or greater extent and spend all day talking by teaching English!  The only fly in the ointment is despite it being Europe, English people don't have the same rights as a Frenchman and I am constantly fighting the system, so although a teacher at a Lyce (secondary school) I only have a yearly contract!   So, now I'm looking into either doing a masters or getting into a business related to my degree!

1990 Sally BUSBY
: message 30.5.01 : contact: sally.busbyATbtinternet.com

I attended Therfield school between 1986 and 1990.  Mr Tomlinson was my tutor for the second year (as was then) and for the remaining years Mr Pratt was my form tutor.  Both wonderful talkers!   I have very fond memories of my time at Therfield - I am positive that this will come as a great suprise to most of my academic teachers, however I know that Miss Inack (not too sure about Miss Jefford) would confirm my passion for sport.  

Last September I enrolled in a Business Spanish course which was held at Therfield on Monday evenings and was amazed at how 'weird' it felt to back there.  Subsequently I also attended a 'Work' football match at the school and was joined by my brother Garry Busby who is 5 years my senior.  We were both totally amazed at the changes and additions to the school.  The long jump pit now has the sports pavilion on top of it.   

I can't say that I have one main memory.  There are several, for example: the 1990 Fifth Form ball, Matchgirls, Austria Ski trip, volleyball (loved it), Fiona Llewelyn, Katie Bull, Beccy Sharp (as was then), Ian Giles, Gary Webb and our Science lessons - we had such fun, the list is endless.  

Memorable teachers who made school more than bearable include Mrs McCabe, Miss Inack, Miss Griffiths, Mrs Hodgkinson, Mr Mitchell and Mr Hill.  

Today, I am the Operations Manger for a food company.  Still in the local area and still in contact with friends from school.  PS: where is the reunion party for the 5th form class of 1990:-) ?    

1990 Ben HALL : message 8.4.00 updated 23.7.04: contact: benicek.hallATvirgin.net

most vivid memories?: They would have to be Basil Dumont trying to explain the subtleties of Romeo & Juliet to numb 17 year olds; "you are too young to understand love!" And the fabulous trip to the Soviet Union (as it was then); seeing the crumbling old communist command economy and police state just before it disappeared.

since then?: Oh lots and lots of things. In 2000 I was a TV post production facilities video tape operator in Bristol and spent my working days assembling tapes of mute wildlife footage.

update: Got sick of insecure, semi-skilled, shallow work, did an MA in Industrial Relations at Warwick in 2003 (for fun, not career reasons) and am now training to be a nurse at Brighton University. Living happily in Haywards Heath with my Czech wife. Slowly learning to speak Czech to in the course of many holidays there. Completely skint.

1990 (the year I would have taken A levels) Billie PONSFORD - see 1988

1992 Rosie CHITTY : message 30.4.00 : contact: rosiechittyATyahoo.com

poignant memories: Numerous! Basil du Mont's "I am knocking...please be quiet" - has anyone failed to remember the definition of onomatopoeia? Third year history when Stalinist Terror and Show Trials were brought to Therfield via Sharman, Cummings and Goldhawk's persecution of those who wrote in the covers of their books; Volleyball - I shall be playing for years to come! Generally, a seriously good bunch of teachers - and you don't forget them, do you?!

current occupation: management and fundraising consultant to the non-profit sector (largely charities and universities) with a company called Oxford Philanthropic

1992 Gary FADDES: message 21.12.08: contact gary AT faddes.com

My best memories are being in West Side Story and going to the 1992 5th Form Ball.
I would really like to get hold of a 91-92 Year book, does the school keep hard copies of yearbooks over the years?

1992 Beverley HALL (now Magowan): message 24.10.04: update 20.10.05 contact bmagowanATgmail.com

I am now, as I have always wanted to be, a nurse. I specialise in childrens nephrourology ( kidney and bladder problems and dialysis) and work at Guys - in October 2005 we move to St Thomas's. I love my job.  

I went to University and did Adult Nursing and got a job on a childrens neuro ward at Guys. I then did my childrens course and went travelling for a while, came back and got a job on the childrens kidney ward. I did my specialist course and after 2 years at Gt Ormond St, I then came back to Guys.

I play a lot of sport now in the form of Korfball! It was through this I met James, now my husband - we married at St Giles' Ashtead on August 27th 2005.  

I thoroughly enjoyed school and have many fond memories. I was in Red 2 and Polesden, every year, we lost to Leith! Joanne Budd (now Cook) and I used to help organise lots of events each year with the support and guidance of the teachers, I think it started with Red Nose days and then Bastille Day! I don't know who made the guillotine or came up with the idea of auctioning off the teachers to be guillotined but it raised a lot of money! Medieval day was fun too, we had the tents and we even mangaged to get the sixth form to learn to maypole dance! I think the History and Politics department were very influential in this.  

My teachers were great: Mr Cummings was probably the most responsible for where I am now. He told me to do A levels because I was too young to go into nursing. I didn't think I would get any but he told me to apply for University and apply for a degree course, I am so glad I did because it has saved me a lot of hassle and money now! He was my tutor for years and was my history teacher all the way through. He made lessons fun, I enjoyed re-enacting the Blitzkreig tactics - and the wind ups ... I momentarily believed there really was a crocodile infested swamp in the trenches! Joanne and I used to tease Cu for his ties but they always kept us in good humour!  

Mr Sharman and Mr Tattershall - they were great fun and counsellors though they never taught me, they used to be in on Cu's tactics with practical jokes on the class e.g. the stock cupboard with no handle on the inside of the door.

The Russia trip in our lower 6th was great fun and so cold that after swimming, my hair froze! I learnt a lot on that trip.   Mr Du Mont and the Golden rules of English and tapping!   Miss Roberts was terrific as was Dr Martin (this always made me giggle because of the boot!) and Mrs Mussi and I learnt a lot of sociology.   Science with Mrs Baker, Miss Wood, Mr Pitt. I remember sitting next to Joanne, and being on a table with Clive Penston and Marie Benko and she used to flick her hair on purpose which made Clive moan a lot ( though secretly I think he liked it!).  

Miss Jefford and Mr Hill they tried so hard to make me sporty though I tried very hard not to be. I did get into volley ball. Since leaving school and since travelling I have realised I am very competitive and play Korfball. I now teach and have taught this in lots of different schools and understand how difficult it must have been for them to get me to do cross country and the dreaded 1500m!

Overall what I remember most was their enthusiasm for their jobs and for their subjects. They seemed to genuinely like and to understand each of us. The school trips were great fun, I did 2 French exchanges, the Belgium trip and then the Russia Trip.   I am still in contact with Jo Budd, Katie Lewis, Rosie Chitty, Damon Roberts.     Dear Editor - Damon and Rosie need to update their info on this site.

1992 Clive PENSTON: message 11.7.01 : contact:  Clive.PenstonAToracle.com

I had a great time whilst at Therfield and have many memories, the school plays and parties!! the charity events and of course the teachers. French with Miss Pass, shame I was crap really. English with Ms Kinloch, thanks for your patience. Politics with Mr Sharman and Mr Tattershall, the two best reasons for turning up in the sixth form - top guys. Economics with Mr Peppit, telling me it would all become clear by the exam - no such luck.

Mr Hill and Mr Mitchell for PE and School team entertainment. Not forgetting of course the enjoyment of being taught Geography by Miss Stewart!! I am still in contact with Tim Smith, Graham (Trev) Treliving, Damon Roberts and Emma Thomas (Smith).

What doing now: After A levels I went to Bournemouth University to do BSc Information System Management.  Since University I have worked for Oracle Corportation as an Applications Consultant which has meant working in great places like Manchester, Swindon, Leuven (Belgium) and now Melbourne Australia. I am married and live in New Malden, well at weekends!

1992 Damon ROBERTS : message 26.4.01 :contact: damon_m_robertsAThotmail.com

main memories: Inspirational teachers who managed to motivate me to achieve both GCSE and A-level grades beyond their expectations, and mine come to that.

Mr Sharman - for putting up with me for about five years and only really losing his rag once: he later said that that he was shouting so loud my hair was windswept (and he could only just stop himself from laughing), all lessons in the history block temporarily stopped for a short time. He also made me hold a heavy book in each hand with my arms outstreched to illustrate to the class a form punishment for soldiers in the First World War (I made the mistake of saying that it didn't look that bad in the picture - I was wrong).

Mr Tattershall - for having a picture in the Swansea University prospectus with extremely long hair, I have never seen someone so embarrassed and making even the judiciary interesting in our politics lessons, no easy task.

Miss Stewart - for explaining the finer points of meteorology and the dynamic equilibrium of rivers.  Also I remember having to stand in a freezing river taking readings on river speed, it then rained and Miss Stewart walked up in her raincoat and said, "isn't physical geography fun".  Oh and of course, constantly taking the mickey out of everyone all the time, especially Clive.

Mrs Scarsbrook - for catching Graham and myself in the pub when we were supposed to be interviewing people on a Human Geography field trip; we tried to claim it was our first pint, even though there were four empty ones on the table - "they were here when we arrived" did not wash.

Mr Peppit - explaining the concept of diminishing marginal utility by linking it on a graph to the number of pints of lager drunk, ie the first one has a far higher utility than the eighth (by which time you are being sick through your nose - his words not mine).  Also his sublimely dry sense of humour which made Economics interesting and for admitting that he didn't know why we did PSE, he just did what he was told.

Mr DuMont - "I am tapping" .  I hope that he doesn't read this as my grammar is appalling, sorry Basil.

Miss Tovey and Miss Bailey - for making me understand German with the patience of a saint and for organising the German trip so we could practice our best German at McDonalds and the Jugenherberge.

I am still in touch with friends from Therfield; Graham Treliving (BA pilot), Clive Penston (works for Oracle), Tim Smith (about to do Teacher training), Emma Thomas (works for Siemens and married to Tim) and would love to hear from anyone who knows me.

What am I doing now: After my A-levels I went to Swansea University to do a BSc in Business Studies, graduating in 1996 after a sandwich year at Mercedes Benz. Since University I have been working for IBM, I am currently an e-business technical specialist in Warwick.  I am part of a team that supports the infrastructure (machines and applications) that run customer web sites and ebusinesses on Unix servers.  I'll stop there before anyone nods off ....

1992 Graham TRELIVING : message 27.4.01 : contact: graham_trelivingAThotmail.com

At school I was known as 'Trev'.  I attended Therfield from September 1986 until June 1992.  I obviously have many excellent memories from those years, but some of the best come from the History department trip to Russia over New Year 1991/92 led by Mr Sharman and Mr Tattershall.

That trip obviously sparked my love for travel as I am now a pilot for British Airways.  I live in Wimbledon and fly short haul routes throughout Europe from Heathrow Airport.

I am still in touch with a number of other Therfield alumni.  In fact this site was shown to me by the head boy of 1991/92 - Damon Roberts.

I look forward to the possibility of catching up with some other 'lost' friends.

1993 William CHUNG: message 4.08.03: contact william.chungATjapan.email.ne.jp

My name is William Chung and I left Therfield school in 1993. Strange I never thought much about my time at Therfield until today for some strange reason, can't remember why I found this site.

I have so many memories of this place, the people, the teachers. Unfortunately I've lost touch with people now, it would be really great to hear from then again. Key memories - so many but the most memorable ones have to be the time in second year where I set Paul Chandler on fire in one of the science labs.. the one with the Benzene :)

And who can ever forget their first school trip, my year was to Belgium and Germany to see the trenches of World War I ... I will never forget that THANKS.

Teachers... I can never forget those extra maths lessons with Mr Tilley and Mrs Hardy, I think our year was the first year Therfield offered that A level. Me and Robert Lievesely were the only ones brave or should I say stupid enough to take that course. BTW last time I heard Robert was a maths teacher in Jamaica ... living the life. I still remember: Sophie Tier, Mark Tutton, Paul Chandler, Tom Chitty, Jonathan Hogg, and so many many more but I can't remember their full names.

Teachers: Mr Thomas (who apparently was a model for mens' underwear), Mr Pippin (our own Pilot), Mr Cummings, Mr Mitchel, Mr Hill (I still remember the winning basket I scored against (can't remember who) when I was in the basketball team. I am working and living in Japan now .... great place. I come back to UK every year for Christmas, sadly my parents now live in Coventry, but I wll gladly drive to Surrey to catch up on the good old times :)

1994 Mark HUTCHINGS : message 12.12.01 : mark.hutchingsATbtinternet.com

I remember spending many an hour in the Sixth Form Common Room playing cards.  I'm sure I mean studying.  It was always me, Chris Dicken, Michael & Richard Bourne, Mark Tomkins, Mark Baker, etc. etc. ...

My mother frequently reminds me about the number of notes she used to write so I didn't have to do P.E.! I've got a funny feeling that I've developed an allergic reaction towards P.E. teachers, which causes me to start limping and groaning when within 200 metres of one!

It's so difficult to name teachers since there were so many that left lasting impressions, but I will mention and thank a few:  Mr Pratt, for being amazingly inspirational to me (and so many others), Mr Hill and Mr Mitchell for being amazingly tolerant of my P.E. excuse notes (!), Mr Sharman (for some strange reason I now think of him as being the Buzz Lightyear of Therfield) for being himself, Mr Reddin for being an amazing Headmaster (and for allowing me to do a take-off of the Green Bottle), the Maths teachers Mrs Hardy, Mrs Cain, et al (who I think helped me get into computers via algebra skills!), Mr Lacey who put up with me doing nasty things to the school network and playing Tetris most of the time; the Science teachers Mrs Cox and Mr Stewart who tried so hard and got me through my A-levels, and last but not least, Mr Holt and his guitar (anyone remember that?).

I didn't do the university/college thing when I left Therfield, instead I got a job (programming, of course!) for a small software company, and I've been with them ever since! I'm a Development Team Leader and do quite a lot of R&D too. My parents moved to Norfolk about 4 years ago so I bought a house near Godstone (Surrey), where I'm living now.

1994 Sophie Anne ROCKS : message 8.12.00: updated 18.02.08: contact: s.rocksATcranfield.ac.uk

Main Memories: The rats in the sixth form common room!  Seriously, the best time was spent 'studying' hard with coffee and biccies and friends in the sixth form block.  The second best was playing for the orchestra in South Pacific and the Swing Band.  Of course, there were also those times where being one of a set of identical twins came in very useful! [Editor: see Tania Rocks]

Since: After leaving Therfield I did a BSc (Hons) in Biochemistry, and then an MSc in Toxicology, at the University of Surrey.  I studied for my PhD in Biochemistry at the University of London (Queen Mary College). I am currently working in Cranfield University as a researcher in nanotechnology and toxicology.

If you are able to, please would you pass on a personal message to Mr. Pratt of "get well soon" and "thank you for making music so much fun!"

1994 Tania ROCKS : message 8.12.00: updated 19.02.08: contact: rockst2002ATyahoo.com

main memories: being made to play hockey in the rain one cold winter afternoon and watching as the boys finished their football lesson early as it was too wet and cold on the field.  

One image which has stayed with me is Mr Reddin dressed as Henry VIII, although to be perfectly honest I have forgotten the reason why.  The staff pantos were a definite highlight of the year, cross-dressing being a major source of entertainment for some of the male members of staff. 

A highlight of my time at Therfield was the music teachers.  I will never forget Mr Pratt's enthusiasm for the Orchestra and Swing Bands - especially his Speedy Gonzales rendition!  
The old sixth form block was an experience - the common room was painted by the students.  By the end of the day it was always a state.  I recently went back to Therfield and had a look around the grounds - the new sixth form block looks fantastic.

what am I up to nowadays? : I left Therfield with 3 A levels, and went to Godalming College where I gained another 2 A levels in a year.  I have a BSc (Hons) Applied Psychology and Sociology from University of Surrey, where I held various positions on the University of Surrey's Student Union.   I then moved to Cambridge and started work as a Graduate Trainee Accountant (studying for CIMA). I left there in August 2000 and moved back to Surrey, to work for Lever Brothers in Kingston as a Cost Accounts Assistant.  I am now Finance Manager (CSAS) at the University of Surrey, Guildford.

1995 - Alastair BRENT
(Ali/Brent - inspirational choices) : message 2.8.01 : updated 14.2.05: contact: alastair.brentAThotmail.com

I joined Therfield in 1989 and left after completing my A levels in 1995. My form tutors throughout were Mrs Mussi, Miss Harper, Mrs Greenwood and Miss Cann.  Don't know if any are still there.

I doubt that it will come as any surprise to any teachers who remember me that I am 'skiving off work' in order to complete this.  Mr Sharman, Mrs Cain and Miss Neumann will probably be the best referees for that.  Sorry guys. I've since learned that the way to motivate me in my work is to offer me a paycheck at the end of each month.  That tends to bring out the best in me.

Fond/Notorious memories are that of Mr Lacey who was a little strange/eccentric to say the least.  Mr Thomas, the maths teacher was one of the few who liked me.  Mr de Little had all sorts of rumours under his name within the student body and I think that most of the kids liked to believe them.  Mr Pratt was a prat but a good prat and a dedicated, funny prat.  You need passion I think to teach kids of any age music. 

Mr Du Mont was by far the greatest though and I remember the standing ovation that he got when he left.  "Now then students..." still rings in my ears in his nasal, gallic twang.  The glamour interest was of course Miss Jefford with her tennis skirts and youthful appearance although Miss Harper won the best legs vote in my year.

Since leaving I went to Humberside University and dropped out after 2 years through lack of results and interest (mostly results though).  I now spend my days in front of a computer screen for a large company in Leatherhead in their accounts department wondering what else I could be doing with a degree.  Thinking of taking up a course with the CIM and getting a job in the City very soon.  I think I'm the first one from my year to do this so there.  What a dedicated pupil.

1995 Patrick SEURRE : message 21.7.00 : contact: seurrepAThotmail.com

my main memory of Therfield: The sailing holiday, and being hit on the back of the head by the boom from someone else's boat as it swung around. Apparently they could hear the thud two miles away on the beach! I left Therfield in 1995 after having done my GCSEs.

current occupation: I am now working as a software engineer for a company called BTS in Wallington. I am involved with the design and development of the web interfaces for their software.

1996 Ben BARDEN : message 14.12.00 updated 2 Jul 2005: contact: tbirdATbbarden.com

main memory of Therfield: It would have to be the music class with Chris Pratt.  One of the most charismatic people I've ever met, Chris certainly livened up GCSE Music for us all!  Of the eleven in the class I had the lowest musical ability, but with Chris's advice and assistance I was able to achieve a grade 'B' by the end of the course, thanks to keyboard tuition and a great deal of support.  

what I'm doing now: I have been working in IT since 1999, and I got married in Jan 2005

1998 Ed DREWITT ('Eddie') : message 13.6.01 : contact: ed_drewittAThotmail.com

memories of Therfield: Leaving Therfield in 1998 was for me a very sad moment. I thoroughly enjoyed my whole time at Therfield and there are so many memories that I wouldn't know where to start. Some of my highlights though are of a trip in 1995 to Bangor with the science department and a trip to Switzerland with Geography in 1997. Both were really enjoyable and a chance just to be yourself while learning lots. I have particular fond memories of working with Pip Wood and Dave Cox and miss everyone very much.

doing now: I have just finished my degree in zoology at Bristol University and am waiting for the results. I am currently involved in all sorts of projects, one of particular interest is looking at the prey taken by urban peregrine falcons. I write for various magazines including BBC Wildlife and Birdlife. Now that I have finished I plan to continue with writing for wildlife publications, natural history research, education, television and radio work.

I was very sad to hear that Terry Reddin will be leaving but I think he did a fantastic job while I was at school and really made my school life something to remember. I wish him the very best in his retirement.

1998 Tim GOODCHILD : (Badchild) : message 20 Oct 2001 : contact: tsg1980AThotmail.com

Although my A level grades were not amazing (!) I always remember the staff were very friendly and a good laugh!  Not least the Geography department of Mrs. Leeming (congrats on the 3rd baby!), Miss Wooding and Mr Moorhouse.  Sometimes I felt we learnt more about football in those Geography lessons with "Moorhouse" than we did about Geography! 

The Switzerland field trip of 1997 was fantastic - including the late-night sessions, the "DL" incident and going to bars in Zermatt with Andy Coe and Nick Taylor when we were supposed to be doing some sort of case study...

Chris Pratt and James Wood were very inspirational teachers and made Music GCSE a lot of fun.  Mr Mitchell always made PE enjoyable and John Cross was a great help to my Business Studies too.

After leaving Therfield I did an HND in Business IT at Southampton Institute.  Over the past year I worked as an IT Technician for Friends Provident in Dorking.  I also travelled to the West Coast of the USA.  I have just started at Kingston University doing a BA (Hons) Business Administration - graduating September 2002.  As for the future I intend to go to Australia, return to Friends Provident and develop a career in Computing.

1998 Richard GREENWOOD : message 2.12.01: contact: greenwoodrichardAThotmail.com

Despite a turbulent couple of years in the sixth form I left Therfield in 1998 with many great memories. The biggest highlight had to be the Year 12 Breakout where myself and a team of three others blagged our way to Milan and back in just 12 hours with no money. We raised loads of money for charity and the memories will definitely stay with me forever.

I think I gave a few teachers (Miss Kinloch and Miss Fearon and Miss Roberts, to name a few) a headache in the sixth form through handing in work late or being a bit disorganised. I'm sure they liked me really!  Although my A-levels were not great I did learn a lot from Therfield.   After leaving I spent a year at Guildford college improving my A-level grades and then went on to university in Aberystwyth.  I am now in my final year studying Business Economics and hope to get a 2:1.

I also run a successful directory of useful websites for UK students called Hotchicken.co.uk link:
http://www.hotchicken.co.uk and represent the Lynx brand on campus as a Student Brand Manager.

1998 Richard HEWITT (Dickyhew/Hubo...in those days anyway!) : message 23.02.01
contact: rickyhewittATiname.com

main memory: One of the most enjoyable things I took part in at Therfield was the production of the musical Salad Days.  I wasn't particularly talented (I've still got the video to prove that) but the atmosphere of fun and friendship during the rehearsals was great.  Like anybody who knew him, Mr Pratt had a huge influence on me.  As a musician I spent lots of time with him and am honoured to have known one of the most enthusiastic and energetic teachers of all time.

current news: I study German at the University of Bristol and this year I'm living in Austria as part of the course, I graduate in 2002.  I teach English at a grammar school, a teacher-training college and on the government's adult education programme.  Teaching English is something of an unexpected vocation that I discovered last year and it's still appealing to me despite the heavy workload of teaching A-level Shakespeare! 

I'm still involved in music, I play cello in the Haydn Orchestra here and sing in a local choir.  As for sport...when did I ever do sport? I hope that will be okay for the website - I think it's a great idea.

1999 Kelly BURTON : message 07.06.02: contact: sqick69AThotmail.com

I left in 1999, and am now at Southampton Institute doing a degree in Film Studies.   I was one of the genius children that Caroline Dore-Boize is on about.  Thanks Mr Wheatley and Mr Cross for putting up with us.  All I have to say is "How are you doing?" -  they should know what I mean by that.   I had a great time at Therfield, and learnt a lot of things.  The best teachers were Ms Collins, with also having to put up with me and my bad spelling and grammar, Mr Wheatley, Mr Wood, and numerous others who have influenced me over time.

1999 Caroline DORE-BOIZE (nickname known at Therfield: DB or Genius Child #1) : message 07.03.01
contact: flamer17AThotmail.com

main memory: Being with Mr Cross and Mr Wheatley and the other 8 genius children for the best two years of my life so far ... we had soo much fun and I miss you all !!! (Thanks to Mr Cross for putting up with my cheekiness and to Mr Wheatley for getting me through Economics ..... I will never forget Mr Levi and Mr Strauss.

what am I doing now: Living in Telford with my boyfriend and working as a trainee accounts clerk for a international stationery company !!

1999 Annie TANG : message 2.12.01 :contact: annietang01ATyahoo.co.uk

I left Therfield in 1999 after my GCSEs.   My most memorable teachers were: Mr Boucry my tutor for the 5 years I was at Therfield, he was great; Mr Puzey my English teacher who didn't like the word *nice* & Mrs Gilbert my head of year for 4 years! The best memories would have to be the School Trips, they were fun and we had great times, like the Year 7 trip to France.

After Therfield I went to Kingston College to do a GNVQ Advanced in Leisure and Tourism coming away with a Distinction. Applying for 2002 entry at Brighton Uni studying Tourism Management, although I'm not sure if I'll go at the moment. Currently working for a Tour Operator (Crystal Holidays) in Kingston as a Sales Consultant - I'm the annoying person on the other end of the phone putting you on hold every 5 minutes! If you want to, feel free to contact me...