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1980 Mark BROWNING : message 31.01.01 : contact: mark AT monkey5.fsnet.co.uk

Memories: I left about 79/80 - I am now 36. I remember having a great time at Therfield and played all sports. Dave Mitchell and Mr Williams were top class and old JD(Wooding) ran the ship.

Some names from my year: David Atkinson, Doug Stewart, Jamie Chandler, Steve Lunn, Alison Hooker, Sarah Hydes, Ricky Preston and many more I could name. I see lots of old classmates and will pass on this website to them.

Nowadays: I still live in Ashtead and am married to Debbie (ne West) who attended St Andrews. We have two children: Kim is currently at Therfield and Jamie will start there this year. 

I now work as a Patrolman for the Automobile Association and return to the school on occasions to attend to the teachers' cars!

Finally I still play football and played for Leatherhead FC for a while but am now back at my hometown club Ashtead FC where I am fixture secretary and website editor WWW.ashteadfc.fsnet.co.uk

1980 Sue MILLS (now Bray): see Gary BRAY 1979: contact: SueBray3ATaol.com

1980 Kieron MYERS : message 6.7.01 : contact: kieron.myersATfmglobal.com

I attended Therfield from around 1973 to 1980. Rose tinted memories are good but I won't forget the cross country punishment in which I always came last! Chemistry was my thing and I ended up doing chemical engineering at Exeter University.

I now work in risk management for an American insurance company. I met my wife Jill (then Jill Donaldson) at Therfield and we now live in Hertfordshire with our 2 children, Francesca and Kirsty.

1980 Jennette PERRY (now MacIntyre) : message 23.1.02 : contact: jjhcrmacAThotmail.com

I left Therfield in 1980 and went to Exmouth to do teacher training.    I was in Leith House and like many others have particularly good memories of Mr Pratt, who was the most inspiring teacher I can think of, and Mr Dumont who was also much respected even if Ruth Parrott and I made life noisy for him.  Mr Wooding was our head and I remember Miss Smith, Miss Nicholson and Miss Ford from my early years. 

The middle is all a blur, but Messrs Goldhawk and Hutcheson made life in 6th form worth living.  I remember many of the names already mentioned from the emails above, but can add Hazel Sarney, Celia Stuttard, and Jeremy Pearson as memory serves.  After qualifying as a teacher I worked in Hertfordshire before marrying John, who I had met at college.  We now live in Somerset with our 3 children and the requisite  number of pets.  I am head of Maths in my present primary school, which should give a few ex-teachers and friends a good laugh.

1980 Tim WORKMAN : message 2.11.01 : contact: Tim.WorkmanATmsa.govt.nz

I enjoyed discovering the Therfield School website today and revisiting a few memories. I attended Therfield from 1978 to 1980 going through 2nd and 3rd form. My parents shifted to Ashtead from an isolated small rural coastal town in the Far North of New Zealand so the school and the area was quite a culture shock. The family returned to New Zealand in 1980 and I have lived in Wellington since 1984. I now work for the Maritime Safety Authority as a maritime law adviser. Heather and I are expecting our 3rd child very shortly!

I was pleased to see photos of the farewell of David Cox on the site. I have very fond memories of his commitment to school life outside the classroom and the encouragement and time he gave me. As others have commented Chris Pratt was a great influence. He treated us like adults sharing his wisdom, emotional ups and downs and his sense of fun. I'm pleased to say I started the clarinet at Therfield and still play in the Opera/ballet orchestra in Wellington.

Best memories are of all the extra curricular activities that teachers were generous in giving their time to (sadly I have forgotten most of their names from 20 years ago). Had great fun playing rugby, sailing in the gravel pits off the Thames, bit parts in Romeo and Juliet and Fiddler on the Roof, singing in Faure's Requiem at All Saints and so on. For some reason people thought coming from New Zealand qualified me to play rugby. In truth I was simply bigger than my classmates as I had gone back a year so as not to be disadvantaged academically.

I recall being quite sad to leave Therfield in 1980 not least due to the inevitable end of an early teen romance! Perhaps leaving in the 3rd form has left me with quite a romanticised view of the school. Hadn't been there long enough to get cynical or disenchanted with the establishment. Anyway, I would be fascinated to hear from anyone else who shares some of these recollections.

1981 David BRIDGES : message 25.7.00 : contact: david.bridgesATtauntonschool.co.uk

What a great website!

I spent a brilliant time in the Music Department under Chris Pratt and Marjorie Muskett and I remember the times at Therfield with affection - probably the sports department don't remember me with much affection though! I think my abiding memory of Therfield was the excellent relationships between Staff and Pupils.

I went to the Royal College of Music and, after three years, became Head of Music at Downsend Prep for Boys (just up the road!) I used to play for Chris Pratt's Choral Society whilst still at School and took it up again when I left Music College. I then moved to St Lawrence College, Ramsgate for 3 years. In 1989 I became Organist and Director of Chapel Music at Taunton School, Somerset. In 1997 I was appointed Alumni Director here (

My parents still live in Ashtead and I visit on a reasonably regular basis.

1981 Andrew BROOK: message logged 18.04.06: contact andrew.brook2ATtiscali.co.uk

My mother (Mrs Brook) is the lady who worked in the school office during the 1980s and who appears in newsletters etc. as the person to contact about tickets for the school shows which were very popular during the 1980s .... I think she may have some material of interest so I will ask her ...

I also did the stage lighting (whilst Mr. Stewart worried about just how many more lights I would try and plug in to the system!!!!)

I see Andrew Martin 75-82 is on the list of those in contact .... my best regards and my good memories of the ''Status Quo'' concerts that we went to among others in the old days!!! .... (when not running the Judith Montague fan club of course .... (!). Nowadays I'm living in Hampshire.

1981 Dave BURVILL : message logged 15.8.01 : contact: dburvillATiinet.net.au

G'day :) I didn't like school very much (any school, nothing against Therfield, lol). Used to hang out with Jon Lott, Simon Watkinson, Gordon Beath  etc. I remember Mr Hanks, for his strictness, and Mr Bell was my form teacher. I left school to join Army, & went to Southbank Uni in 1991 for an HND.

I came here to Perth, Western Australia 8yrs ago. Now have 3 boys - 4, 5 and 6yrs & daughter 18 months, though am one of many thousands of weekend dads. Now I work as warehouse manager - mining supplies here in Perth.

1981 Angela TURNER (now SACH) : message logged 16.9.01: contact: sachATdircon.co.uk

Isn't it lovely how most people remember Mr Dumont.  I am now a teacher and went back to Therfield for 2 weeks at the beginning of my PGCE - he really looked after me and was very sweet, even though when I was a pupil he used to constantly move me from friends for speaking or sticking our eyelashes to our eye lids!! 

Other teachers I remember are Dave Hoggins - now a headteacher I think; Mr Lane who also taught my mum and dad; that German teacher who used to throw board rubbers at you and of course Mr Stewart the chemistry teacher.  If I can be half as much of an inspiration to my own pupils as he was to me I will be delighted.  I also remember Mrs Rutland, Mrs Rennie and Mrs Copeland with fondness.
Other pupils in my year that I'd love to hear from are Charlotte (Karen) Smith, Nicky Vine, Kim Walton, Anne Marchington, Jill Donaldson, Mark Thomas, Andrew Streeter, Mark Oestel, Alex Muskett who thank God achieved his ambition to fly for the RAF after bugging us all through school about it, and Andrew Ayscough who let go of the locust and let it jump around the biology lab after chopping its head off.  And does anyone know what happened to Wendy Butler? - I remember her at the beginning of school, but have no memory of her going or where to.

After leaving Therfield I went to Reading to study Food Science, worked for Trebor developing sweets for five years. I went travelling to India and the Far East  and returned to take up teaching.  I'm now in Eltham, London SE9 and am Head of Design and Technology at The John Roan School in Blackheath.  I am married with two boys aged 3 and 7.

1982 Susan (Sue) FORD (now Hall) : message logged 13.9.01 : contact: sue.g.hallATntlworld.com

I have very happy memories of my days at Therfield, in particular A-level Biology practicals and Geography field trips. I studied Geography at the University of Sheffield, and now work for Consignia (the Post Office) as GIS Data Manager. I live in Chesterfield, have 2 daughters, and still do bellringing! My parents still live in Leatherhead, and I meet up with Jill Burberry (now Newhall) about twice a year. I'd love to hear from any other school friends.

1982 Richard PROWSE : message 17.2.00 : contact: richardprowseATeversheds.com

Amazing how you can be found on the Internet! Please see my web page at

1983 Mike BROWN : message 26.5.00 : contact: adara44AThotmail.com

Great to see the site. I used to play table tennis with Richard Prowse - the doc's son ... also it was wonderful to hear comments about GOD aka Basil Dumont. Simon Wilcox - my mate and Best Man - and I left Therfield in 1983 having served our apprenticeship of ROSLA building snowball fights with the 5th form and Hunter HENDERSON (anyone remember him?).

Like my bro Andy I was in Polesden. Please email with any details of the following staff: Basil, Mr Hutcheson (Politics), Miss Smith (Sociology), Mrs (scary) Laub, Mrs Kinloch, the scary deputy head from the Isle of Wight(?)

I live in Middlesbrough, teach English, 1 kid.

1983 Jonathan MORRIS (probably better known as Johnny Morris - you know, Animal Magic)
message 13.4.01 : contact: clair123ATjon123.freeserve.co.uk

memories : I first attended Therfield in 1978, a very scared 12 year old looking at the huge new school with all the scary stories of bog washes etc. I was in Juniper, which as one of the old boys said, lost at everthing.

My teachers were Mrs Laub, Miss Smith, Mr Grant (who  had  a nervous breakdown and suddenly left us); Mr Temple, Mr Dyas and loads more including Mr Wooding and Mr Everington - and not forgetting Mr Williams and Mr Mitchell.

nowadays : I moved away from Leatherhead to live in Wallington but commute to work there at B&Q where I've been for 14 years. I'm married to Clair with two children, Ben and Katie.

1983/4 Georgina TUSON: message 15.03.02 : contact: G.TusonATsemsserver3.sems.surrey.ac.uk

School seems so long ago but still have lots of vivid memories - dropping my jam tart in H.E., forgetting to turn up to an exam, sports days (urgh!!), assemblies (urgh!!), cross country (urgh!!) and double maths on a Monday morning - whose idea was that? Nevertheless, I learnt loads - how to sign my mum's signature was one of the more useful things at the time but I also got some good snogging practice in!!

Ultimately (and not surprisingly) I didn't achieve a great deal at school - 'could try harder' was the general theme of most school reports but I have since got a degree with the OU and am now studying an MSc in Educational Technology. I've also become weirdly sporty since leaving Therfield - Ms Immac (was that really her name?) would be proud. I'm still crap at Maths though - failed my 'O' level 3 times - "unbelievable" (my dad's words). I can still cook a wicked jam tart though so I guess it wasn't all wasted.

Friends included Lisa Curtis who I still stay in touch with, Belinda White, Jackie Tunstill, Mandy & Jo Sparks, Karina Vigus, Julie Waite and Becky Ferris - oh and Faramang.

These days, apart from studying and playing squash, I live in Dorking with my husband Tim and am proud parent to 3 gorgeous cats. Apart from that it's fags, booze, sex and rock - what else is there?

1984 Andy BROWN : message 26.5.00 : contact: andrew_musicATyahoo.com

Memories from my time at Therfield: Norbury always won everything (I was Polesden and at least we usually came third - sorry Juniper). Lower sixth Geology field trip to IOW - much controversy.  Would be good to hear from from Gary, Mark and David. Christina Digby - she was gorgeous and I never had the guts to tell her. Mr Tomlinson - many thanks for being such a cricket enthusiast - beyond the call of duty and all that ... I lost my "merit award" for taking 7 for 6 in a house match against Leith.  Maybe mum's got it.

Parties at the Riverside Club, Fetcham and Leatherhead Football Club (last I heard LFC was near extinction - v sad).  Snogging Alison Pruden. Mr Pratt and all his encouragement in music! mmm ... Mr Williams - rather too rugby orientated for anyone's liking.  Dodgy tash and rather macho if you know what I'm saying! Mr Hucheson - list of mannerisms required. Eddie Mason playing a live bootleg of the Jesus & Mary Chain rather too loud for the 6th form stereo and for Mr Perkins

Nowadays: I live in Saltaire near Bradford in W Yorks and work for the Highways Agency in Property & Facilities Management.   My peers might recall that I used to play in a rock/pop group.  I'm still writing and recording and play the occasional gig.   I have tapes available if anyone expresses an interest!

1984 Angela Rive : message 06.03.12: contact angela.riveATbtopenworld.com

I left Therfield in 1984 where I was and still am known as Angela Rive.
Key Therfield Memories - Firstly Mr Wooding. He was always very authoratative and informative in his school assemblies.
I started Therfield in the 2nd form as it was then, in 1979 being in Polesden house. I had many very helpful and inspiring teachers including Miss Atherton, Miss Rowlands, Mr Goldhawk, Mr DuMont, Mr Perkins and Mr Hoggins. Thank you to them all. Some of my closest freinds still are from Therfield so thank you for helping us to get along.
I am now living and working in Leatherhead.

1984 Vanessa DAVIS (now Spriggs): message 14.08.02: contact: vanessa.spriggsATera.co.uk

I left in 1984 at the ripe old age of 16!

Memories: Mrs Laub for English, what an inspiration; Mr Cox, what a leader; Mrs Calvert for Maths, very gentle, never raised her voice until I had a fight with some girl called Jackie!; Miss Inak, Mr Mitchell, Mr Hill for Sport, what a laugh; learning Sociology in one of the huts; Mr Giles catching us smoking behind the Rosla block, telling us how we could better spend our money on stockings, then letting us off the hook; cross country, it's not natural; sneaking out a lunchtimes, by hook or by crook, because you didn't have a lunch pass and weren't in the 6th form; buying single cigarettes and a slush puppy down the shop; who was head of 5th form - stern woman, dark hair? Fancying the guys in the 6th form.

I've been in touch with a couple of people from school, and also hear about others through the grapevine. What happened to Kerry Dixon, Barbie Welsh, Nicky Cox, Kevin Rose, Wayne Shackleford (thought I saw him the other week, but wasn't sure, so wasn't going to make a pillock of myself), Nicola ? (tall, used to live in Ashtead) Jeremy Salter, Michael Norman (still

I vaguely remember a day trip to Boulogne and Antoinette Benjafield asking for a Pernod et Noir. How sophisticated were we?!?!

Now: I'm now Vanessa Spriggs, I've been married for 12 years and live and work in Leatherhead. I have a stepdaughter of 20, who also attended Therfield, and was taught by some of the same teachers (how scary is that)!! I would love to hear from anyone who remembers me and any of the above.

1984 Jo WHEATLEY: message 17.01.09: contact mollymum AT turboweb.org

I attended Therfield school from September 1980 until September 1984 (lasted a month in 6th Form!!)
I am happy to be contacted by anybody regarding the school and don't have any school pictures apart from school pictures of me!

1985 Darrell EDGLEY: message 19.01.03: contact: darrellATraz.co.uk

I was at Therfield from:  1979 to 1985: for my first day at Therfield I was placed in Miss Swientoniwaska's tutor class.  The first lesson .... how to spell her name.  It took time but I learnt to recite it (probably in my sleep), although, 23 years on I'm not so sure (probably failed badly - sorry Miss S.). Anyway, I thought she was great, she was Polish and I didn't know anyone from Poland so I was quite impressed. From Woodville and Summer group and Miss S's art class I recall Becky Ferris and Lisa Curtis.

I was in Polesdon (2PSK), and in White 2.  In my year we had three red, five white and 2 blue bands, and I seem to remember about 250 pupils all told. At the time I could probably name 75% of them, now I struggle to remember more than about a third.

The teachers I really remember .... Miss Swientoniwaska (obviously), Mr Williams and Mr Mitchell (PE teachers and for the wack - thanks guys), Mr Wooding who was our head teacher and taught me pure maths in the sixth form. Mr Baker who was the second master, I took A-level Geology with him. Geology field trips were fanastic.... Mendips (Cheddar Gorge), Tillingbourne and not forgetting the great trip to the Isle of Wight, but I thought several of the class were lucky to make it off the Island ... Gary, David,
Andy and Mark.

Mr Everington was the deputy head.  I never understood the difference between "deputy head" and "second master"; apart from Mr Everington who was the guy you were sent to be being "bad" ..... of course, I never saw him for this (not).  He also took me for O-Level Physics, which was a real pleasure and I would not have passed without him (thanks Mr E).  For physics In the second and third forms I had Miss Ollerenshaw (Physics), Miss Griffiths (Biology) and Mr Temple (woodwork) - he had such style if he didn't like your work ... he threw it across the room.  Mr Carter and Mr Dyas (Geography); Miss Mercer and Monsieur Martin (French), may I have my Rubik's cube confiscated from me in third form back, sir? Mr Polkinghorne (Chemistry - blew out the lab windows when demonstrating the explosive effects of Hydrogen.  Mr Stewart (Chemistry - for allowing the class to distil ethanol, a little accident with the pencil case and my own stupidity for tasting some ... I was violently ill for three days);  Mr Jones (A-level physics) and Miss Woods (briefly for chemistry).

My maths teachers included Mr Tilley (also my registration tutor in the sixth form), Mrs Steptoe, Miss Pankhurst as well as Mr Wooding; History was with Mr Goldhawk (although we never called him that except to his face - kids eh) and Mrs Hack - she lived around the corner from me, which was always a concern - I had to be careful.  For Technical Drawing I had Mr Hanks (aka Smiler). I thought Mr Grant was a star, Mr Pratt's lessons were always a good distraction, Miss Laub and Mr DuMont for different reasons. 

In addition to my fellow pupils on the
http://www.friendsreunited.co.uk web site I remember (no particular order), Neil Hardwick, John Lewis and Claire Nichols (A-Level Physics class) -  we built a bridge out of Balsa Wood which we took to Sussex University in Brighton for a competition, coming about 10th and we were beaten by the other Therfield team.  Helen from Physics class and also Sunday School.  Names remembered include Justin Forrest, Melanie Worsencroft, Julie Dodds-Ely (and her younger sister Louise), Hilary Clark, Karen Fagg, Alison Cude, Aman Coudrey, Paul Durman, Kevin Reynolds, Gary Whitehead (Aperdele Rd, moved to Canada I heard), Richard Porter, Alison Pruden (great eyes - she could also out-stare all challengers), Undine Romero (and her bro), Emma Lack (her Dad was one of my teachers at Woodville, how was the au pair job in Norway?), Steven Harrison, Wendy Goodall, Ingrid S (unspellable), Sarah N, Philip Gibson, Paul Morby (last saw you in the British Legion club), Paul Mathias, Mark Hoy, Georgina Tuson, Gill King, Christina Digby (aced her O'levels, I thought swot at the time but a great effort), Erol Ezen, Sue Twydell, Claire Scrase, the Aindow sisters, Sharon Ford, Angela Russell, Tim Day, Mark Evans, Patrick Cooper, Karina Vigus, Raymond BreadingJeff Stewart (esp his role in Grease, I was on stage crew), Tim Ward, Gary Pearce, Andy Brown, Mark Murphy, and David Norman from whom I always copied my maths homework from (sorry Mr Tilley, it was rarely my own work but thanks as I got a B).

Since school I have worked in many places.  I was a software consultant for a software house in Surrey for seven years (1988 to 1995).  While I was with them I spent four years on the European mainland, mainly in Belgium, The Netherlands and Sweden.  I worked in Bath for Deloitte and Touche for a while and then went to South East Kent, where I met and in 1999 married to Jo after being together for four years.  We now live and work in New London, Connecticut USA, where we are enjoying the challenge of being Brits in George Bush's America.

My kin at school were Kendall (1 year below) [ kendallATraz.co.uk ], Carol (3 years) [ carolATraz.co.uk ] and Leon (4 years).  Two elder sisters, Stephanie and Sharon Oliver also attended Therfield (between 1975 and 1979).

Mark Hoy and I are trying to organise a reunion for July 2003 in Leatherhead.  If you would like to attend, or know anyone that would, please email us at reunionATraz.co.uk, or enter your contact details on

1985 Molly/Alison GRENYER (now STEWART) : message 19.2.02 : contact: MollyMooStewartATaol.com

I left the 6th form in 1985. Remember growing cultures on the sandwich toaster in the 6th form kitchen. Also throwing Rubik cube at Mr Hutchinson coz he asked for it during a lesson! Also not such fond memories of cross country and running through a stream. Friends included Fi Bishop and Caroline Jones (now Forrest) who I still have some contact with. Also Jenny Percival, Liz Cooper, Angus, Tim Ward, Webber who apparently also lives in Bristol!

I'm now a physiotherapist, currently working in Swindon. Off snowboarding in a couple of weeks!

1985 Mark HOY : message 29.8.01: contact: markdrumAThotmail.com icq=128193264

I found this site via friendsreunited.com and have since been in touch with a number of old friends/pupils who I haven't seen since about 1985 (most probably wish to remain that way as I kinda lost the plot by sixth form). If you are interested in finding old friends from Therfield circa 1980-1986 ish please visit and add your details at
www.wche.co.uk and click on the THERFIELD link (there are rough plans for a reunion in 2003).

Memories: Early years were lunch in the main hall, dreaded English lessons (Mrs Laub), easy maths lessons (and food, paper and rubber fights) with Mrs. Stockwell, horrible PE and cross country, mad Mr Polkinghorn blowing up chemistry experiments, Deliverance style woodwork and metalwork teachers ("you stupid boy"), incomprehensible French with Mrs??C?, and then waste of space Physics A level in sixth form with Mr Jones (beer and Austin 1100's a speciality).

Other memories are drinking homebrew on the grass outside the sixth form block, the Russia trip in 1984, the Riverside Club, Leatherhead FC Club, 88th Minute, lots of parties in Ashtead, Rubiks cube.

Other teachers were Mrs Douglass, Dorothy Perkins, Mrs Bannerjee (B.O.D), Mr Mitchell, Mr Williams, Ms Inack, Mr Hutcheson, a computer studies teacher from Billericay, Mr DuMont, Mr Everington (thanks for the whack!), Mrs Hodgson, Mr Pratt (didn't we all enjoy music with a personality), the moustachioed biology teacher (osmosis), misc geography teachers..., Miss Smith and some mad drama teachers (inclusion is not an endorsement).

Registration was with Ms. Sventanioska (saw a metalwork book she edited for Mr.?? the old metalwork teacher: I did blacksmithing at nightschool in Hereford for two years). I sat with Ian Allen and Don Woodham for 4 years.

School was to be endured with a few moments of light relief (and beer) to help the years pass, even though academically quite good up to O level, totally gave up at A level (and did anyone notice?...). I've seen a few old friends (and lost touch with most), including Owen Smith, Matt Forrest, Justin Forrest and Caroline Jones (in Canada, and where is Sara Norman these days?), David Pfelger, Russell Brown, Ian Bailey, Raymond Grace ..

Nowadays: came to Worcester in 1988, did a degree in Environmental Science (and had very long hair - now very short), did 6 years hard labour and then moved into IT, now working freelance as a web developer (anyone need a website doing?). Still enjoy a beer, but don't make it any more. I still return to Fetcham every couple of months to see family but not been into Leatherhead for several years (well, why would you?). I still don't play golf but I do enjoy wing chun,  snowboarding and Baltis.

1985 Dawne PICKERSGILL (now WRIGHT): message 3.07.02 : contact: pickersgillATbun.com

I'd rather not give my nickname as I'm still trying to forget it!! My fondest memory was of the music lessons given by Mr Pratt who tried so hard to keep us all interested! Sports day was a bit of a disaster for me as I found that I couldn't run or jump or throw things very well. As for running through the stream at the bottom of the field, what was the point of that!

I did make a lot of good friends though, Simon Mould, Paula Haskins, Theresa Nicholls and others. Luckily I'm now in touch with these people again through the friends reunited website. The spooky thing is how many people now live near me down in sunny Worthing. I have recently married and my surname is now Wright (I've heard all the jokes!) and I work for a record label called Hot Records, based in Angmering in West Sussex. I would love to visit the school, a kind of 'then and now' visit just to see what changes there have been.

1985 Travers RUDD: message 07.08.12 : contact Travers.RuddATtelerealtrillium.com

I was a pupil at Therfield school in 1980 leaving in 1985 after one year in the 6th form. I have some great memories and I have some pictures too as I took my camera into school on a couple of occasions as well as to the Sailing Club's trips to the Isle of Wight. In fact, to me the Sailing Club was as important as the rest of the school. A pity I cant find any info on Robert A Stewart and Eileen Griffiths, the driving force behind the Sailing Club for all the time I was there.

1986 Julian BROWN : message 17.04.01 : contact: brownjulianATyahoo.com

My brother's best man Simon Willcox said in his speech that those who attended Therfield either ended up attending University or wound up in prison!  Not sure if this is still the case but it certainly seemed to be so back in the heady heights of the 1980s.

I ended up leaving in 1986 and though I have yet to do the prison bit I attended the University of Huddersfield 1996-1998 as a mature student.  I flunked my Social Work course but now work as a Care Officer in cool and trendy Brighton and Hove. I'm married to a lil' woman called Caroline who likes to paint and listen to The Stone Roses.  Kids NO WAY!

People I remember from Therfield largely consist of those that were also at Woodville Middle School which I attended.  I remember having more affinity to the North Leatherhead sect and looked up to the sporting prowess of Jason Evans and Andrew Medland.

However my friends during the latter part of my school days, the likes of Alan Pope, Shawn Denyer and mainstay Daren Baker I don't see any more due to differing interests, although I saw Daren for the first time in over 10 years fairly recently in a Brighton club! I think a special mention should go out to one Owen Hitchcock who was academically brilliant, even at Middle School.  I spent numerous occasions chatting with him in the early nineties and it seemed a shame that we were not closer friends at school.  But the banding system put paid to that one!

As for teachers, well, Glynis Wright = gorgeous.  The rest you can pretty much forget! Oh, almost forgot Miss Szetoneosker (excuse bad spelling, Glynis should have helped me out on that!) once said to me in art after observing a piece of "art" I had churned out .... "Julian, are you good at anything?" This has stuck with me until now and it ain't likely to go away tomorrow!

1986 Helen LIVESEY (now Adams): message 22.11.01 :contact: helenadamsATwaitrose.com

My most vivid memories would have to be the school musicals: The King & I - older brother Peter as the King, Annie Get Your Gun - solo for me from chorus, and Grease - oh, those Pink Ladies.

I also have fond memories of school trips to Flanders, Hamburg and Paris.   As for teachers, Bridget Wilkinson stands out most in my mind - a superb teacher, really got me hooked on German, and a sad loss to the teaching profession [Bridget died aged 31 in 1988]. I also remember Stefan James, great fun on the trip to Hamburg, Chris Pratt and Marriott Dallas. My mum, Shelagh Livesey was also a teacher at the school, unfortunately she died in 1999 of breast cancer.  

Now, I still have some links with the school. I work for a supermarket in Leatherhead as PA to the store manager and deal with all the letters the school sends asking for donations and sponsorship. We also have many former and current pupils among the workforce. I live in Banstead with my husband of almost 11 years and have two children, a girl aged 8 and a boy aged 5.

1987 Matt BROWNSETT : message 7.7.01 : update 4.1.06: contact: mattbrownsettAThotmail.com

Nice to find this site. I came across it from friendsreunited.co.uk

Can't actually say I remember much about being at Therfield despite it being the place where I took my exams, and therefore probably the most important school I went to, I was only there for my 5th year. I started dating a girl in the year below me (Sarah Bleach) pretty much as soon as I got there and we stayed together until after I left, so pretty much all of my time at school was spent waiting for a break time so I could see her. I do remember missing my sociology exam because I was down the pub...

I seem to recall playing rugby at some point... and I also remember watching Jayne Eyre starring Timothy Dalton in English Lit .... and there was a girl called Emma in my class, she sticks in my mind for some reason ... I know I used to fancy my form tutor, but I can't remember her name.... I used to hang out with Mickey Bull, Rod Woodham and Mike Staines, amongst others.

Anyway onto now... 4 kids, (3 sons 7, 9, 13 and a daughter 1). I worked as an engineer for 12 years but I didnt really like it... took me a while to sus this out tho'.... went back to college and did an IT degree and became a teacher...... those who can do, those who can't etc..... currently struggling with finding out who I am ... considering a VSO contract in Asia or Africa, to "find myself" ...

Anyone who remembers me feel free to drop me a line, I am actually that sad that I would be pleased to hear from people I never bothered to stay in contact with. C'ya, Matt.

2005 Now Principal Technical Officer, School of Life Sciences, Faculty of Health and Human Sciences, University of Hertfordshire

1987 Allan LOWE : message 6.10.00 : contact: allanATlowe234.fsnet.co.uk

What a great Web Site. It was wonderful to see that the site gives opportunity for those of us that were students at Therfield to give just a few of our recollections and memories.

Caroline [Editor: see Caroline Downer, 1988] and I left Therfield in 1988 and 1987 respectively. On leaving, I went to St Luke's College Exeter University where I graduated with a degree in Physical Education.

However, I did not go into teaching and joined Sussex police in 1991, where I am now Inspector carrying out the role of Sector Commander, looking after the operational policing in the town of Worthing on the South Coast.

Caroline is currently Executive Assistant for the Chief Executive of Worthing Borough Council. In addition, she is training to become a Drama Teacher through LAMDA (London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art). She is doing her teaching practice at Laine Theatre Arts in Epsom.

It seems a long time since we were both at Therfield and both have very happy memories. I spent all of my Secondary Education years at the school, whereas Caroline joined in Sixth Form where we met. We were married in 1992.

My memories of Therfield: I was very keen on sport in my younger years and have great recollections of the amount of time we spent playing different sports, being encouraged by teachers including Steve Hill, Dave Mitchell and others. Basketball, football, rugby, you name it we did it. The laugh we had in sixth form, the parties at the Riverside Club and Leatherhead Football Club are memories of my schooldays which I won't forget.

Some names I can remember include Dave Lee, James New, Nicky Attwood, Stuart Atkinson, Amanda Jones, Owen Morgen, Roger Bartholemew and of course good old Faz! I won't bore you with more! I haven't seen many of my old school friends since I left and if anyone reading this would like to get in touch, then that would be great.

All the best to anyone reading this. Love to visit the school again one day!

1988 Alison BAKER : message 9.12.01 : contact: alisonmaryanneATyahoo.co.uk

I heard about the site via my father who told me of the sad departure of Mr Pratt.  He was a brilliant muscian and teacher.  He gave so much to Therfield.  I took part in many musicals whilst I was there.  The most memorable for me was Grease.  The Swing Band and Orchestra and brilliant productions were made even more fantanstic by Mr Pratt.  I do hope he feels well again soon.

When I was a pupil there were a number of teachers who said that all I would end up doing was working at Sainsburys. I am very pleased to say to all those who thought that - you were all wrong. I am a well established Staff Nurse at the Royal Marsden, Fulham Road.

I have have fond memories of Mrs Coppard - a fantastic person and Home Economics teacher. I knew Alice Rimmington, she was in my year. Pleased to hear the Year Book is still going, we were the first year to do it.

1988 Caroline DOWNER (now Lowe) : message 6.10.00 : contact: allanATlowe234.fsnet.co.uk

[see also Allan Lowe, 1987] Caroline's memories: I joined Therfield from the Convent of the Sacred Heart (yes, a Convent gir!) and met Allan soon after my first day of Sixth Form. My other memories are of Mr Cummings' enthusiastic and excitable lessons on the Russian Revolution, Mr Dumont's interesting (?) lessons about John Milton and French classes with Madame Pass and Madamoiselle Launder.

Other exciting activities included parties (lots of them!), loud music in the common room, teabags launched from the extractor fans in the kitchen and those summer exams!

And by the way, I forgot to mention there is now a further addition to our family, our son James who is now 18 months old. Won't be long before he's thinking about starting his school life!

1988 Simon JESSEY: message 25 Jul 2006: in Pennsylvania: simonATjessey.net

I was a student at Therfield between 1982 and 1988. I am sorry to say that I don't have any memorabilia left over from my time at the school, but I still have fond memories. I am happy to be contacted by other alumni.

1988 Kam-Wing PANG : message 24.11.00 : contact: kamwingpangAThotmail.com

Main memories of Therfield: The first year was memorable, as I was one of the two people in the school moved from the blue band to the red band classes. I heard from my younger brother and sister that even after I left the school, one of the sociology teachers kept on talking about it!

Sixth Form was a good couple of years. Our physics class was one of the best I took. The teacher ... Mr Jones, I believe he was Welsh ... or maybe that has something to do with his red hair and beard? He taught me Science during my first few years as well, and I remember also going on a school trip with him to the Natural History Museum in London. He was a very good teacher. He took the whole class on a canal boat trip in Oxfordshire; he was well humoured and I still have "trophies" from Oxford town and pictures to prove it. I distinctly remember someone putting a shopping trolley up a tree!

I took Religious Studies for my O and A levels - this was strange as I was the only male in the class other than the teacher. Made for good discussions though!

A few other teachers from the past:
Mrs Higham she was a a very good (temporary) teacher who taught us A/O Maths in the sixth form. Her method of instruction was easy to understand and made the work look easy. A high percentage of the class including me got As in the exam.
Ms. Mercier (sp?), a French teacher who went on the canal trip with us.
Mr. Everington who would give out punishments and also praise for getting those little yellow certificates (merit awards) for outstanding achievements
Mr. Sharman I think he taught history? He was one of the teachers who helped us start the Karate club. Lost touch with him, if anyone has a contact email that would be great.

I helped organised the first Karate club at the school and even did a demo on an open day, breaking boards all over the place!

What I am doing now: Went to the University of Kent at Canterbury for 6 years doing my Bachelor and Masters degrees in Computer Engineering. Spent a year of that in Germany studying the same thing but in German. I was there for the reunification, which meant lots of beer!

After University I worked for Data Sciences/IBM for nearly 3 years and then went to work for a charity organisation called Volunteer Service Overseas as a computer lecturer in the University of Ningxia, one of the poorest provinces in China. Whilst in China, I witnessed the Hong Kong handover and the big celebration by the local people, although many of them would have little opportunity to go to Hong Kong. China was a good experience and I left there with a better view of the world and losing the prejudices that I had.

In 1998 I moved to Hong Kong and worked as a consultant for a German Telecom company called LHS (now SEMA Group) as a consultant for billing systems. This job took me to places like Taiwan and Malaysia on a regular commute. Flying becomes very tiring after a while!

I left the company after a few years and joined a start-up company in Singapore called First-e Internet Bank which originated in Dublin. Now working as a developer getting mixed up in all things object like Java, JSP, EJB, CORBA etc, plus a dash of Oracle databases!

Achieved by 2nd Dan black belt in Karate and have been training all over the world!

It's quite amazing the memories that flood back. I was back in Leatherhead in September last year, but didn't have time to have a look at the school. I'm pretty sure a lot of things have changes since I was there.

I hope more and more ex-Therfield students get to hear about this site as it's a great opportunity to re-establish old friendships...

1988 (the year I would have taken GCSEs) Billie PONSFORD : message 1 April 2002 : contact: billie_1971AThotmail.com

I would have been in the year that took GCSE exams in 1988. Unfortunately I moved to Norfolk with my family after only one (brilliant and very memorable) term. Leaving old friends from Ashtead and new friends made at Therfield was tough!  

I particularly remember Mrs Bannerjee (not sure of spelling) who took us for English ... instilling an even greater love of Literature! I also remember being slapped on the thigh by a PE mistress because I couldn't do a handstand!

Grease the musical - I was only in the chorus but how exciting - far too shy to do an audition for anything else!   I am still in touch with Catherine Gee and Ruth Karry and we are promising to meet up this year.   We had a very pretty teacher for History I think, who was organising a trip to Russia which I sadly missed as I moved away from the area. I remember her taking the lead role in a pantomime that the staff put on for the pupils at Christmas! All the boys in the class had a huge crush!! This same teacher was married, but used "Ms" not Mrs, I always wondered why her keeping her "identity" was important, but now I have grown up I realise why. An early bit of Girl Power!  I also remember in Physics using a piece of equipment that made your hair stand on end. Katherine Roberts certainly made us laugh that day!  

I have not yet married, and am back at college at present. I am taking exams in Holistic Therapies this summer, after which I am going to be self employed. Previously I have worked in Hostels for the Homeless, managed retail outlets, sold timeshare (!!), and worked in the US and Italy.   It would be great to hear from anyone who was in my classes.

1988 Alice RIMINGTON : message 12.7.01 : contact: waldo71ATlineone.net

I discovered this website from my sister Anna who was 3 years above me at the great educational establishment that is Therfield!

I left Therfield following my GCSEs and went to Esher College (also known as Esher social club) where my diary was thicker than my subject files! Having scraped a couple of A levels I moved to Brighton to do my nursing training.   Since qualifying I have worked in Nepal, India and Australia and also spent a year travelling.

What and who do I remember? : drama lessons in the upper hall with Miss Hodgkinson, Mr 'Daddy' Cox, Mrs Dallas and The Streets Of London. Poor Mrs Calvert who had to bear me for maths, and of course the fury of Mr Everett!  I currently work with Kathy Steward (ne McClean) who keeps me updated on some of you (you know who you are).

Some of the others lost in the midst of time are : Natalie Lunn (you were great), Rachael Mills, Martin Ranger, Nicholas Gardener, Rachel Osmond, Avril Glaysher (where are you?), Mary Denyer, to name but a few. I still have contact with Caroline Allen and was her bridesmaid 2 years ago. I get regular updates on the Anscombe family as my cousin married Paul.

Now: I am a Sister in The Accident and Emergency Department in Brighton and am best friends with Zo and Mr Slim!  All that is left to say is I will never be able to look at Bottle Green in the same light!

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