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2001 Michelle ('Shell') Carla GIBBS : message 26.07.01 : contact: shellibelli_ukAThotmail.com

Well I have only just finished at Therfield, after completion of my three A-levels.  I have only been away for a short period of time but somehow I'm missing the place already!  I have wonderful memories of my 7 years at Therfield and believe that Mr Reddin was a brilliant man, who made secondary school a real experience!

Other memorable teachers at the school were: Mr Langford, my tutor of 4 years; Ms Steel (an inspirational diva), Miss Buckell and Mr Wilcock.   I have deferred my university entry and have made plans to spend a year in Germany (Cologne), working for an entertainment company(radio/magazine).  Then I plan to return to the UK and do a BA in German at UCL or King's University.
If u wish to contact me, feel free! 

2001 - Vicky SUTHERLAND: message 27.08.02: contact: Vixy1000ATaol.com

Memories: No one around the school ever seemed to appreciate the great side of Mr Horder, probably cos they never took the time to get to know him. I thought he was wicked, he certainly made maths easier for me ... Mr Horder doing ballet with myself and Laura Stewart during our last maths lesson ... and treating us with choc ices. What a star!

Young, cheery, slightly authoritarian Mr Mayhew ....but a nice guy. He pushed me really hard .. he was meant to be a teacher ... but overall, he made me laugh, and learn ... really inspirational. I wish him well with all his teaching in the future.

Mr Rolaston - memories of cooking and cakes flood my mind. We got so much done in our A level biology lessons it was unreal, especially since the lessons were so laid back, he made everything seems so easy. Wicked teacher. All the best for married life Mr Rolo.

How anyone made physical geography bearable is beyond me, but Miss Wooding managed it. A lesson I didn't dread ... a teacher I genuinely liked.

Every example we were ever given in economics seemed to be related to beer - Mr Cross's attempt to keep us interested. It worked. He has to be one of the funniest teachers I know...but yet I managed to learn so much. A great teacher who knows a lot about his subject, I have a lot of respect for him.

There are so many more teachers I wish I could mention, but I don't want to write another essay! To all of you that taught me, thanks. I hate to say it, but I'm missing Therfield life.

Doing now? At Bath Uni doing a Business Administration degree, just entering my second year and am on placement at HSBC in the City, trainee accountant. Very boring, but good experience and pay. Feel free to contact me, teachers and all, love to hear from you. Take it easy.

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