University College London Chemical and Physical Society 1967-68

This web page was started as a result of the UCL Alumni 40 year Reunion held on 11 October 2008 for those graduating 1967-69.
1969 graduates John Farrow and Frank Haslam both brought their Chem and Phys Soc 1967-68 photos.

Faces identified in the photo are listed below. Women's surnames shown in brackets are those at the time of the photo.
The year after a name is year of graduation.

If you can add names to this photo please contact the editor, Frank Haslam 69.
When naming please state part no./row no./no. in row.
If a face gets more than one name both will be shown until one is confirmed.

Frank will note your contact details in case others wish to contact you: no contact information will be shown on this page; any request for contact will be forwarded so that it is up to the 'target' to respond. Please also see the Links provided. If you have not already done so, the UCL Alumni people would like us to make contact.

Some UCL Alumni 40 year Reunion photos, 2008
Chemistry Laboratory Dinner 25th November 2011

On what date was this photo taken by Panora?
David Rycroft (68) writes "I've now looked at my 1967/68 College Diary. Under Friday 15th March 1968 I have written "Chem Phys Soc Photo 12.30."

Mary Williams (Quilliam 68): I was Social Secretary of the Society, the Secretary was John Kennedy. We tried to advertise it widely, but some people were shy, sceptical or otherwise engaged. In the end, we were delighted with the turnout, especially from all the professors and lecturers.

d = has diedF

part 1 of 11

row 3: Mike Dodsworth - 2 - Peter Herbert (died at the age of 49) - 4 - John Farrow - Jeff Horton

row 2: Helen Sergeant (potholer) - Dr June Sutor (Crystallography) - Mary Quilliam - 4 - 5 - Phil Ellis

row 1: 1 - Rosemary Martin 67 - Dave Joy - David Goodwin (at that time Robin Clark's PhD student)


part 2 of 11

row 3: Phil Wills - Frank Haslam - 3 - Giannino Galloni (from Bologna University) - 5 - Allan Somersall

row 2: Rosemary Jones - Ross Bunce - Hisham Al-Obadi (not sure about the spelling) (Brian Johnson PhD student) - 4 - Bruce Cockburn (Jack Lewis PhD student)

row 1: 1 - Pascual Royo* from Spain (appointed full professor in 1972, moved to the University of Alcalà de Henares from 1978 onwards) - Bernhard Ilmajer* (from Austria) - 4

* at the time, Nyholm postdocs


part 3 of 11

row 3: Alex Kolombos (a PhD student of Martin Hoffmann) - MA (Ali) Hussein (a PhD student of Jim Millen) - 3 - [behind 3] Wolfgang Schmutzler* - Terry Silk - Pete Smith - Nick Hamson

row 2: 1 - Phil Robinson (Brian Johnson PhD student) - Ian Williams (Brian Johnson PhD student) - Graham Crooks (Brian Johnson PhD student)

row 1: Michael Booth, a Canadian postdoc - Bill van Bronswijk (Perth, Australia) - Clive Holloway (Canadian post doc with Jack Lewis) - 4

*Fred Pearce writes: Wolfgang Schmutzler from Aachen who, at that time, was on sabbatical with Charles Vernon, Shawn Doonan and Barbara Banks.


part 4 of 11

row 4: Derek Partridge - Michael Young

row 3: Dave Puxley - Don Emerson - Tony Rood - Ian Rogers - Ray Colvin

row 2: Roger Cowles - George Maitland d (Chief Technician Phys Chem Lab) - 3 - 4

row 1: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4


part 5 of 11

row 4: David Clow - Trevor Brown

row 3: Bob Young - David Rycroft - Dave Vamplew - Dave Dodd - 5 - Bob Townsend

row 2: Kathryn Knapp (Sarginson) - Alan Knapp d - John Lawrence - Pamela Adair - Roger Mullaley

row 1: 1 - Dr Bob Cooper d staff i/c stores - Prof John Callomon d - Dr Stuart Walmsley


part 6 of 11

row 4: George Callewaert - Chris Horsburgh - 3

row 3: Howard Natley? - Les Smith - Kes Smith - Ray Tudor - Paul Wusteman? - Roger Pengilly?

row 2: Alf Layton (became College Safety Officer) - Peter Gaston (Microanalysis Lab) - Mai Barrow (?a technician in the Micro Analytical Lab) - Chris Cooksey (Junior Technician) - Michael Yeomans

row 1: Dr Thirunamachandran d - Dr Mel Stiddard* d - Prof Jim Millen d - Prof Ronald Nyholm d

* President for 1967/68


part 7 of 11

row 4: Neil Rowland - Richard Cottrell

row 3: Dave Rule - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5

row 2: Phil Normington - 2 - 3 - Dave Reece ('Dave the bin') - John Cresswell (Chem draughtsman)

row 1: Prof Martin Tobe d - Prof Robin Clark - Prof Brian Johnson (went to Cambridge soon after photo) - Peter Howes


part 8 of 11

row 4: 1

row 3: "an amiable American Post-doc, Crystallography" - 2 - 3 - Eric Nave, technician
working for Judith Milledge - 5 - 6

row 2: Dave Crabbe - Rob McQuillan - Andrew Holmes - Stuart Baxter

row 1: Roy Edens - Geoff Westlake - David Titchmarsh - Bob Wolf


part 9 of 11

row 4: Jim Yarrow (Stores, old building)

row 3: Tom Marks (Stores, old building) - 2 - 3 - Hilary Doonan (Waller) - Ian Thomas

row 2:  Rick Head - Jill Wilkinson - probably Linda Dowd - Margaret Jones - Peter Shirley

row 1: Diane Davis (Connolly) - Dr Peter Pauling d - Simon Hook - Judith Hook (née Runcieman)


part 10 of 11

row 3: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4

row 2: Luciana Natile (née Maresca) - 2 - 3

row 1: Prof Tony Legon (on staff for long time but went to Exeter and Bristol) - John Kennedy (Secy of Chem Phys Soc at time) - Dr John Bloodworth


part 11 of 11

row 3: 1 - Geoff Mines - George Kernaghan

row 2: 1 - Marie Eichler (Secretary to Mel Stiddard?) - Lynn Bowen, Departmental Secretary

row 1: Prof Peter Garratt - Geoff Brown - Anne Oyerindi (Lab Technician)

Those in touch

p = identified on photo

Pam Adair (now Claire Hillyard) 69 p

Stephen Blech 69

Dr John Bloodworth

Geoff Brown p: I was one of the year’s 'imports' from Cambridge, accompanying Peter Garratt and Franz Sondheimer, with whom I was a post-doc for 67-8. I subsequently took up a lectureship at Sir John Cass College, where I first met Ray White, and retired as a Senior Lecturer from the University of Greenwich in 2002.

Anthea Connor (now Parker, 69)
David Crabbe 69 p

Graham Bailey 69

Trevor Brown 69 p: I have worked all my life as a professional musician - nothing to do with chemistry! I graduated in 1969 and then stayed on to do a Ph.D. under the stewardship of Mel Stiddard. However I decided after two years that I no longer enjoyed the research process and therefore wrote up for an M.Phil instead. I well remember the day that I told him I was going to finish early (he was great about it) and I went out and bought a car. What a liberation day! I was lucky in my career as a musician/music arranger and spent the majority of the time working in Television. Nowadays the TV scene has changed and I no longer have contacts in that area, but enjoy playing the piano in the Syd Lawrence Orchestra which is run by a close friend of mine.

Chris Cooksey p : I'm next to Mai Barrow and Alf Layton. I was a junior technician and part of the Synthetic Chemical Laboratory. I went on to be Experimental Officer and Technical Safety Officer and NMR manager at UCL &c, (I had not yet learned to say 'no' then) departing in 1999. I contributed to about 70 publications while at UCL. I subsequently worked part-time at University of Greenwich, Science Museum, South Bank University, and currently I consult for Citrefine International Limited. All of which gave me time to develop my interest in natural dyes and publish lots more stuff, e.g., see

Roger Cowles p : After completing my PhD with Jack Lewis in 1970 I joined ICI Heavy Organic Chemicals Division in Billingham where I spent 11 years in the research department. In 1981 I decided to take advantage of the incentives ICI were offering to get rid of people. I moved to Alberta to work in the research department of Syncrude Canada Ltd - who operate the largest oil sands mining/extraction/upgrading complex in north eastern Alberta. Actually its the largest operation of its type in the world. When I joined (1981) the plant had only been in operation for 3 years so there were lots of challenges. I was based in Edmonton but for a period in the mid 80's I was a frequent flyer on the corporate plane when I had a pilot project at the plant site. I continued in research until I retired in 2006. I have also been involved in our professional chemists association. We live in Alberta.

Prof Alwyn Davies: Mary Williams writes: Prof Davies - he was so good with the first Czech exchange students, having us and the Czechs all up to his house for dinner. And he gave us a fascinating lecture about UCL history, with the College song:- 'In London 1826, a hundred year ago - when London was a wilderness, as everyone should know...'. He showed us Ramsay's (?) Nobel prize medal and a few days later we saw Heirovski's as well - two in one week. And I think we'll all remember All altruists gladly make gum in gallon tanks, a mnemonic device for aldohexoses [John Bloodworth has also contributed to recalling this] long after we've forgotten any other Chemistry.

Roy Edens 69 p

Michael Fake 69
John Farrow 69 p

Robert Glass 69
Rosemary Guild (now Ford) 69

Prof Peter Garratt

David Griller, 69: Came to Canada and did research in chemistry for about 12 years. Switched over to business consulting where I had some previous experience. Also launched a company in distance education and one in oncology. Three children (one in the UK at the moment). Four grandchildren so far!

Nick Hamson 67 p: Nick also has the corresponding 1966 photo
Frank Haslam 69 p: After UCL I migrated from the chemicals industry (Bush Boake Allen) via a postgrad marketing diploma, to market research with the Rank Organisation, then joined one of their small suppliers, Taylor Nelson Associates. 31 years later, the company had become TNS plc, the biggest market research agency in Europe. When I left at the end of 2006 it was as UK Quality Director. I did my ISO Standards assessor training and now work with the people who did our external registration assessments. This takes me all over the UK and sometimes abroad. It's nice when people I used to work with turn up in the companies I visit. I still do some quality support for the Healthcare team at TNS (now Kantar Health since we were bought by WPP). Semi-retired, married with three graduate sons I maintain parish, old school and many other websites including this one, help to research RAF & local history and try to keep fit. We live in Surrey.

Simon Hook p

Penny Isaac (now Bagshaw, 68)

Margaret James 69

John D Kennedy Professor Emeritus and Research Professor of Inorganic Chemistry, School of Chemistry, University of Leeds

Alex Kolombos Memories, at lunch in Wells and talking about Shawn Doonan with a total stranger. I am in photo 3 of 11.
I was a PhD student of Ronald Nyholm who sadly died not long after I graduated.
I keep in touch with a couple of other UCL graduates, Anna Justice and Duncan Kelly.
I worked for BP when I left UCL, firstly as a research chemist, inventing the Cyclar process, and then moving into ventures, planning and  business development.
Happily retired in Somerset. p

Alf Layton p: Most of the people I knew were post-docs like myself, academic visitors and technical staff, so I'm afraid my contribution to the photo is fairly meagre. I remember quite a few overseas Post-docs of the period, but they seem to have been too shy for the photo. It was interesting to have memories revived.

Evelyn Levene (née Waldman, married in 1968) 69

Luciana Maresca 67-69 p: Professor Luciana Maresca of the University of Bari, Italy, in reply to Pete Smith: "I remember you (we have a paper together); in particular I still remember the small plastic boxes we had to build up (and properly seal) to contain the air-sensitive tin(II) compounds, I was preparing under Robin's supervision, to get reasonable Mössbauer spectra. I have a copy of the photo you mention that remained for decades rolled up in a drawer of the flats I inhabited over the years. A few years ago I decided to frame it and since then it is in a corridor (just out of my office) together with some other 'historical' specimens.

I was at UCL from November 1967 till September 1969. I worked all the time in the old building (my bench was in D17, in the basement of the Chemistry wing). In 1969 people started moving into the new building including my supervisor (RJH Clark) and his group; but I was about to leave and so I stayed on in the old place.

I worked there after my graduation in Italy and I was supported by Italian money; UCL appointed me, as others in analogous situation, as Honorary Member of the staff.

UCL was a great experience as I realized not only at the time but also as the years went by. Ron Nyholm had working with him people from all over the world; I overlapped with Jack Lewis too before he went to Cambridge."
Carol Mayle (now Stegmann) 69: I have not moved far and still live in North London but am in touch with no one from my year and only knew Evy Levene because I recognised her at a North London Collegiate School parents evening. I was Head of Science at NLCS and have since retired [see Staff Room Valete].
Bob Merrett 69
Geoff Mines It was good to see the photo again and revive past memories. I was a PhD student under Prof Jim Millen 1967-1970 located in the basement D17 laboratory of the old building. As I recall the lab housed grad students and postdocs from all the branches of chemistry and the lab was always full of a variety of distinctive smells (not enough fume cupboards) which I remember I seemed to carry with me onto the tube train home! I do remember one notable incident when a flask containing a lachrymatory chemical broke on the floor and we had to evacuate the building floor by floor and the safety officer at the time had to go back in fully decked out in a rubber suit, mask and oxygen cylinder to clear up!

I got married during my last year of PhD and after UCL I did a one year postdoc in Quebec Canada before returning to the UK and doing another postdoc at Oxford with Harold Thompson in the Physical Chemistry Laboratory. I then moved into school teaching and after a few changes ended up as Head of Science at Bedford School for 25 years. During this time I became involved in the examining side of education and was a Principal coursework moderator for many years giving INSET around the country and also acting as an educational consultant for OFQUAL and its predecessors. I have now retired and am enjoying being with the grandchildren more, living by the sea and having the opportunity to do more regular swimming.
Richard Mullins 69

Dr Jim Parkin: Vice-Chair of the UCL London Alumni Group : "Alwyn Davies and Peter Garratt are collecting material for a history of the department in the 50s and 60s. It is partly factual and partly anecdotal so I am sure that people on this page could contribute to it. Please contact Frank Haslam 69 who will forward it to us."

Mary Quilliam (now Williams, 68) p

Prof John Ridd
David Rycroft 68: I came to Glasgow (Chemistry) in 1974 and retired in 2005 (but am now an Honorary Research Fellow and retain the email address and webpage). I think the people I knew best from the previous [1969 graduating] year were Mike Young and Trevor Brown (at one stage I was in a flat in Chalk Farm along with Trevor, Pete Smith, and another). I attended the 40 year reunion in 2007.

Peter Shirley 72 - I have added several names to part 9 - we were all first years starting in 1967 and are having a 50th anniversary reunion at UCL on 5th September 2017 in the Nyholm Room. p
Richard Sims 69
Anthony Sinden 69
Robert Smallwood 69

Bill van Bronswijk p: Professor Emeritus, Department of Chemistry, Curtin University, Perth, Western Australia: I was at UCL from 1967 to 1970, first as an SRC and then an ICI Postdoctoral Fellow with Prof Sir Ronald Nyholm. My first project was to build a Nuclear Quadrupole Spectrometer, which I did successfully with the assistance of an electronic engineer. NQR did not develop into a significant technique but I did get one paper and a review article out of the work. From there I went into wide line 14N NMR with Joan Mason (Open University) and infrared and Raman spectroscopy (Robin Clark). Both collaborations were highly successful, generating 7 14N and 4 IR/Raman papers.

I returned to Australia in 1970 to take up a lectureship at the then Western Australian Institute of Technology, which became Curtin University of Technology in 1987. WAIT was essentially a teaching institution in the 1970s but it was possible to do some research and my first publication from WAIT based research was in 1974. The Department of Applied Chemistry was focussed on analytical chemistry in those days but it gradually broadened its scope. In the 1980s I concentrated on the application of computers to online data acquisition and processing and did not return to IR and Raman spectroscopy work until the early 1990s. I have been involved with the IR beam lines at the Australian Synchrotron since the planning stage in 2004 and last month retired from the Chair of its IR Program Advisory Committee. I retired in December 2007 but remain active in IR and Raman studies in forensic science and corrosion. This week [writing 23/7/12] a new Nicolet mid/far IR spectrometer (iS50) and IR microscope (iN10 MX) are being commissioned to enhance and upgrade the Department of Chemistry’s facilities. I don’t see me hanging up my lab coat and safety glasses in the near future.

John Walker 69
Geoff Westlake 69 p
Philip Wills 69 p: After getting my chemistry degree, I obtained an MSc in Biochemistry, also at UCL. My first appointment in 1970 was as a Biochemist (later designated Clinical Scientist) at West Park Hospital Pathology Dept. in Epsom, Surrey, later moving to Epsom District Hospital (good for Derby Day!). The job interfaced between the laboratory and medical staff, advising on blood and other body fluids results, interpretation and further investigations as well as diagnostic development. 1974-5 I worked for Technicon - a US analyser manufacturer and also at Bart's Hospital. In 1975 I moved back into the NHS and worked in four hospitals in SE London as a Clinical Scientist reaching Principal Grade. I gained Fellowship of the Royal College of Pathologists and made sure I got CChem and MRSC along the way which was based on a working life in Chemistry. I was made redundant in 2006 just before my 60th but it worked out OK. Divorced with three graduate daughters, I live in SE London. In March 2011 I met up with Trev Brown, Mike Fake, John Farrow, and Mike Young.

Michael Yeomans 70 p
Michael Young 69 p

Those graduating 1969 not in touch: can you help us to trace them?

p = identified on photo: d = have died

Best, Alfred George 69
Bowes, Quentin Nigel 69
Bunce, Ross John 69
Dodsworth, Michael 69 p
Farmer, John Norman 69
Hart, Keith Alisdaire 69
Hickie, Michael Graham 69
Highet, Tessa 69
Holmes, John Leslie 69
Hopkinson, William Humphrey 69
Horton, Jeffrey 69 p
Howes, Peter 69 p
Inkson, Robert William 69
Jackson, Diana 69
King, David John 69
Lawrence, John Thomas Charles 69 p
Lester, Andrew 69
Mincovitch, Susan Gail 69
Mullaley, Roger 69 p
O'Sullivan, David Michael 69
Parsons, Chistopher Robert 69
Platt, Ian David 69
Segal, John Anthony 69
Somersall, Alan Calvin 69 p
Titchmarsh, David Malcolm 69 p
Tovell, Nicholas John 69
Webber, Hugh Charles 69

Those who have died

Buckley, Colette Aimee 69 d
Giles, Phillip L 69 d 2011: his family are in touch
Herbert, Peter Wynne 69 d p

Some staff who taught the 1969 graduates, not in the photo

Dr Derek Banthorpe d
Dr AG Loudon
Prof Alan MacColl d

Some UCL Alumni 40 year Reunion photos, 2008

from 89 Gower St towards what was Dillons

Gower Street towards Euston Road



UCH (now UCL Cruciform Building) from UCL: GPO (now BT) Tower on left, from the Quad


from the Portico


Portico roof


Entrance to Flaxman Library from the Portico .... not available in our day


Flaxman Library with returned sculpture

... overseen by Jeremy Bentham



Jeremy, in the South Cloisters

Corridor from the North Cloisters to what was the Chemistry Department


Bel Mooney, English 69 - one of the speakers after the Dinner


L-R: John Farrow 69 - Anthea Parker (Connor 69) - Dr Jim Parkin - Mary Williams (Quilliam 68) - Geoff Westlake 69 - Penny Bagshaw (Isaac 68)

Frank Haslam 69 took that photo

40 Year Reunion 2008 Attendee List, as of 02.10.08

Surname Former
Department Graduation
Christine Abbott Benbrook English 1970
Phillip Acott   Phys And Astro 1967
Roger Allard   Greek And Latin 1967
Roger Allen   History 1967
Susan Allen Williams History 1967
Peter Applegate   Geological Sci 1969
Jennifer Applegate      
Penelope Bagshaw Isaac Chemistry 1968
John Blythe   Chemical Eng 1969
Mary Bonar Bretell Laws 1968
Howard Brabrook   Economics 1968
Teresa Cattell-Hollox      
Frederick Chinery   Bartlett School 1969
Rosalind Clow Bradshaw Psychology 1969
David Clow   Chemistry 1968
Hazel Cookson Douglas Psychology 1968
Michael Coyle   Mathematics 1969
Marilyn Crocker Buttle Bot & Micro 1969
Doreen Duthie Place Bot & Micro 1968
Jennifer Edwards Cork Economics 1969
Carolyn Elliott   Hebrew 1967
Robert Ellis   Geography 1968
Richard Fred Evans   Geography 1968
John Farrow   Chemistry 1969
Gladys Glascoe Zonena English 1969
Philip Glascoe      
John Hale   Geography 1968
Anthony Hammond   Laws 1969
Heather Harrison   Zoology 1969
Peter Harrison      
Frank Haslam   Chemistry 1969
Maureen Hibbs   Psychology 1968
Surname Former
Department Graduation
Rosemary Hill Briggs History 1968
Richard Hollox   Bartlett School 1967
Samuel Joda     1967
Sue King Fitt Bot & Micro 1969
Catherine King      
David Lamming   Laws 1968
Dave Lawrence   Microbiology 1969
Peter Logan   Slade School 1968
Sarah McAlister Stone Psychology 1967
Bel Mooney   English 1969
Anthea Parker Connor Chemistry 1969
Jim Parkin      
Thomas Pastor   Med School - UCL 1968
Lyn Pykett   English 1969
Heather Rhodes   Human Comnc Sci 1969
David Rubin   Laws 1969
John Sienkiewicz   Geography 1969
Teresa Sienkiewicz   Geography 1969
Gillian Taylor   French 1968
Helen Taylor   English 1969
Susan Vaile   Bartlett School 1968
Elizabeth Valentine Cornish Psychology 1968
Clare Vickers   French 1968
John Walton   Economics 1968
Peter Warn   Geography 1969
Geoff Westlake   Chemistry 1969
Peter Wigley   Geological Sci 1969
Caroline Wigley      
Mary Lynn Williams Quilliam Chemistry 1968
Frank Wright   Geography 1968
Kathleen Yates   Scandinavian Studies 1967
David Young   Chemical Eng 1969

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Chemistry Laboratory Dinner 25th November 2011

Prof Alwyn Davies

Prof John Ridd

Head of Department Prof Ivan Parkin,
with Prof Robin Clark

Les Smith - Simon Hook - Ray Tudor - Alwyn Davies - Pete Smith - Mike Young - John Farrow
- all except Alwyn Davies were in the Chem & Phys Soc photo

(John Rees) - John Farrow - (Prof Ivan Parkin, bow tie) - Pete Smith - Mike Young

And now the book ...


UCL Chemistry Department 1828-1974

- with profiles of 1974 staff extended to 2013

Alwyn Davies and Peter Garratt have succeeded brilliantly in capturing the dynamics of a successful department and the careers of its many colourful characters
Professor Sir Malcolm Grant, former UCL Provost and President.

Paperback, 300 pages in full colour, ISBN 978-1-900814-46-1   £12 including postage.

Available to purchase through the UCL College Shop or via UCL's Online Store

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