Therfield Alumni Registration
Please print off this form & write clearly: I support the aims of the Therfield Alumni - to continue and foster the friendships made at school, to locate those not in touch, to add to the history of the school, to support the continued development of the school and to consider making available my skills, time and experience to encourage achievement among those presently at the school.
I wish to be placed on the register of those who have been students, staff, governors or parents of students of Leatherhead County Secondary School or Therfield School Leatherhead, or are their next of kin.
Mr Mrs Miss Ms other: forenames (circle preferred):
present surname: surname at school:
county: postcode:
tel (preferably landline): email:
student - staff - governor - parent - n of k (circle)    
from: to: if you arrived later than the first form/Year 7, what
entry year were most of the
rest of your class? :
if staff, subject(s) taught:  
if staff, responsibility (e.g. Head Year X):  
Other people in touch with from school (please provide them with a copy of this form & encourage them to make contact):
I have some school memorabilia which may be of interest for the school archive/Alumni website
(please circle - if YES please list below)
I am willing to discuss with the school ways in which I can 'put something back' (please tick box and write below what you have in mind)


I understand that my details will be kept on a database for Therfield Alumni and that my contact details will not be passed to third parties, other than the school, without my consent.


Please post this to Frank Haslam (Therfield Alumni), 56 Windfield, Leatherhead, Surrey KT22 8UQ. You may be contacted by phone or email as appropriate if clarification is needed, so that your details are recorded accurately.

There is no subscription fee so if you would like to have a reply to a question but you are not on email, please enclose a stamped addressed envelope.

If you are not on the internet please get a friend or family member who is to show you the Therfield Alumni and history pages at