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Forming a society or association of those who were at Therfield - an event on 23 October 2004 at Therfield

If you are organising a reunion of those who were at Therfield School (or its predecessors) you are welcome to publicise it here. A short information page will be made for your reunion if you do not already have one - but all enquiries must be handled by you. You could also write to the Leatherhead Advertiser. Reunions can also be flagged on FriendsReunited. And of course these days there are many sites such as Facebook that make spreading the word much easier. Please put a link to on your pages.

Afterwards, we hope that you will provide some images and text to go on 'your page' - either to go on this website or elsewhere ... and so help to keep interest going until next time! But do tell the editor. You may like to look at those which have already taken place - the organisers may be willing to pass on tips.
The editor of these pages is Frank Haslam - can you add other links?

Class of 69 - those who started at Therfield in September 1969 or for who that is their peer group/for whom an upper sixth year would have been school year1974/5.
Event to take place on July 13th 2013.
For details contact Felicity Hook (née King):
Class of 94 - 10th June 2006 Class of 95 -29 July 2006 Class of 79-83 - Facebook
1940s-50s held on 12 Jan 2002, at Therfield 1952-98 held at Woodville 1998 2001 five year reunion James Haslam's Losingtouch pages June 2006
1978-79 held on 27 Apr 2002, at The Woodman, Ashtead 1975 G/CSE 23 Nov 2002, at the Woodman, Ashtead Random Therfield Reunion Drinks - Leg of Mutton 10/10/09 - Facebook
1983 Fifth Form, 12 July 2003
see also
Darrell Edgley 1985: at Fire & Iron Gallery, Leatherhead
Class of 87 Reunion, 24 Nov 2007 I went to Therfield 90s - Facebook

This group is very informal and at present acts to gather memories and names.

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