Some photos from Dave Cox's leaving do July 1999
photo credits: de Little & Haslam: last revised 15 Jan 2003

I'm on my way!

The stage curtains rolled back
- and there was The Present - richly deserved.

[Mr Wilcock - now Head of Bishop Reindorp Guildford]
Here is a working model of Dave Cox that someone has made.Hmm .. I think I'll quit the Bearded Tendency.

[Martin de Little, Head of Technology]
Fair cop, deputy guv, I made it.
Now, I want all you gentlemen and ladies to work out
how it cleverly removed Mr Wilcock from his glass of wine.

DC and clone: the balloon says
Having a Good Time is my Job

Mike Perkins, an ex-Head of 6th Form, with
Mr Wooding, the Head before Mr Reddin

Richard Everington, an
ex-Deputy Head, with DC

DC receives a compilation of photos and
memorabilia from Mrs Gaye Penfold, Head of English

Roger Taylor, ex-English and
Lee Tattershall, ex-Head of History

Chris Tweedo (an ex-head of 6th Form),
Jackie Tweedo and Ellenor Hodgson, Senior Teacher

The Woods (Nic Perrett, ex-Modern
Languages, James Wood, ex-Music)

Martin Dyer, ex-Geography,
and Basil Du Mont, ex-Head of English

Carol Belk (of the Friends) consoling DC

Jeanne Martin (ex-Head of Careers), Jen Nicolson
(ex-Head Y2), Pip Wood (Dep Head Science),
Josie Cannon and Pam Smith (both ex-Admin)

DC & Mrs Hack, ex-Senior Teacher

the positioning of this photo against the one on the left
is purely coincidental: Mr Reddin telling DC stories

Dave Cox has long been a faithful and valued member of the
Committee of the Friends of Therfield School , the members of which wish
him all the best - and as expected we've been seeing him around the place again!

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