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Production, 18-20 Jan 2006
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Seymour: Alec Mills w, Matt Pitt tf
Audrey: Jenny Brook t, Natasha Firth wf
Audrey II (voice): Jonathan Lloyd
Audrey II (operators): Michael Young, Ollie Marriage, Dan Howell, Mark Richardson
Mushnik: Otis Brayer w, Joe Newton tf
Orin: Anthony Marie
Bernstein: Joe Newton, Otis Brayer
Snip: Alec Mills, Matt Pitt
Mrs Luce: Jenny Brook, Natasha Firth
Mr Martin: Otis Brayer Joe Newton

Girls Group: Chiffon/Crystal/Ronnette
Ella Simms, Sarah Trickey, Camilla Ghosh, Connie Deans, Becky Deacon, Olivia Whitlock, Louise Jones, Lottie Millar, Amy Martin

Boys Chorus
William Trickey, Bobby Brown, Matt Lee, Joe Taylor, Jonathan Lloyd

Girls Chorus
Tanya Gibbs, Liz O'Mahony, Rebecca Smith, Maxine Eddleston, Rebecca Adams, Amy Dries, Jemma Dowding, Hannah Dowding, Laura Forrest, Hannah Minns, Briony Howe, Nicola Piantino, Cathy Poplett, Maddy Reeves, Louise Hickmott

w: Wednesday evening
t: Thursday evening
f:Friday evening

Production and Backstage Team

Producer: Cathy Hudson
Director: Cathy Hudson
Musical Director: James Casselton

Choreography: Lucy Thomas, Sue Lanson

Stage Manager: Susie Sykes

Lighting /Projections: Paul Bates, David Mitchell, Dina Williams, Alex Burrows, James Waters & Simon Lockyer

Sound: Matt Willsher & Peter Leppard

Costumes: Greeta Cresswell, Sonya Barrow, Sinead Bushnell

Set construction: Nick Cockerill

Backstage crew Susie Sykes, Gayle Rennie, Mark Richardson, Daniel Howell, Jessica Anderson, Rebecca Kyriacou, Jonathan Hodson, Michael Young & Ollie Marriage

Green Room Supervisor: Sinead Bushnell, Mark Pordage, Lucy Thomas & Christine Thomas

Set design: Mel Collins

Poster & ticket design/admin support: Paul Bates

Box office: Denise Nicholas & Trudie Purdue

Front of House: Eileen Wingrove

Programme: James Casselton, Michelle Lewis & Cathy Hudson

Refreshments: Robin Eddleston & the Friends of Therfield
Eileen Wingrove

Props on hire from The Really Youthful Theatre Company

Keyboard: James Casselton
Synthesiser: Michelle Lewis
Guitar: Paul Leppard
Bass Guitar: Isaac Proud
Drumkit: Tim Pitt

In addition to those mentioned above, we would like to thank the following people for their assistance in mounting this production:
Mr R Eddleston, Mrs C Harvey, Mr M Jones and the site staff, SDD Sound;
parents and friends who have donated costume items and props; Therfield teaching staff, and the parents of all the students involved in tonight's show.

Musical Numbers

Prologue (Little Shop of Horrors)
Skid Row
Da-Doo Grow for Me
Don't It Go to Show Ya Never Know
Somewhere That's Green
Closed for Renovations
Mushnik and Son
Feed Me (Git It)
Now (It's Just the Gas)

Call Back in the Morning
Suddenly, Seymour
The Meek Shall Inherit
Finale (Don't Feed the Plants)

We hope that you have enjoyed the show

If you are a parent or Friend of Therfield School with theatrical experience including set design, painting or building, operating lighting or sound equipment and would like to get involved with the next production, please leave your name and contact details at the reception desk or with a member of the crew before you leave.

Seymour, Mushnik, Audrey and girl’s chorus

Seymour and Mushnik [or Mushnik and Son]

Seymour and Mushnik [or Mushnik and Son]

Seymour bids a sad farewell to Audrey

with Seymour, Audrey, the girls chorus

with Seymour, Audrey, the girls chorus

Seymour visits the dentist

The Company

Not forgetting the Producer

Leatherhead Advertiser, Thursday January 26, 2006


Therfield School's musical show Little Shop of Horrors played to full houses on the three nights of its production last week. In all, 52 students were involved in the show from Year 7 to Year 12.

There were two casts for the leading roles. The senior cast were students from Years 10 and 9, while the junior cast were from Years 8 and 9.

This gave greater opportunity for younger students to experience the excitement of performing major musical roles.There was also a band made up of three students and two teachers playing non-stop for almost the whole performance.

Students from Years 7, 11 and 12 were part of the production and backstage team along with members of staff. All worked incredibly hard ensuring that the production went as smoothly as possible.

images: Mrs Barbara Sharkey

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